Imarticus Learning eyes global expansion; targets Manila in the Philippines

The founder and MD Nikhil Barshikar will address the members at a SSON Conference from across the globe on the significance of upskilling and reskilling professional workforce for value-added roles

After successfully implementing large-scale training programs in India across the financial and analytical services-centric landscape, Imarticus Learning, India’s leading professional education platform is now anticipating to create the same impact in key global markets. To begin with, it is targeting Manila, the capital of Philippines and an emerging hub for global businesses, by sponsoring the SSON Conference to be held at Makati Shangri-La in the city. The idea behind its foray into the country is to help upskill the talent that can add value in an increasingly competitive global market. 

Manila faces tremendous challenges in sustaining the economic growth at a time when the competition is intensifying across the globe. One of them is the skill gap in their workforce. While the country is focusing on developing different industries, there is an absence of a wide array of skill sets such as command over English language, information technology (IT) and management skills, as well as general and job-specific professional skills to support their economic transformation. Imarticus Learning, which is already assisting various Indian and global firms in meeting their human capital and skillset requirements through its range of bespoke training and recruitment solutions, is now approaching Manila and its major corporates with the same intention of imparting skill-based training. 

SSON is a Shared Services and Offshoring Network association with over 120,000 members globally. This 2018 edition of the conference will be attended by more than 200 senior professionals from over 80 corporates including ANZ Bank, Citibank, Google, HSBC, GM, JPMorgan, Northern Trust, Wells Fargo, etc. Nikhil Barshikar – Founder and Managing Director, Imarticus Learning, will moderate a roundtable discussion on ‘Upskilling and Reskilling your Workforce for value-added roles’ at the conference, which will focus on building an effective framework for creating and implementing programs across the training lifecycle.

Commenting on tapping the Manila market, Nikhil Barshikar – Founder and Managing Director, Imarticus Learning, said, “The global skills market is going through a tremendous transformation as an increasing number of students are looking to realign their skills to keep up with the evolving job landscape. However, in Manila, the market is still virgin. They have immense growth potential to become a significant player in the global economy. But that can only happen if they are able to provide a sufficiently large number of workers with the relevant skills to meet the challenging needs of the growth industries. Considering their huge skill gap and how closely they follow the Indian model of skill training, we thought of expanding our global footprint by tapping the Manila and Filipino market and intend to reach out to the major corporates here through this two-day conference.”

Imarticus Learning has already trained over 30,000 students globally through its top-notch Pro-degree and Post-Graduate programs in India. After establishing its leadership stance in India, scaling the business to capture international markets was the next natural progression for Imarticus Learning. Under its growth trajectory plans for the international geographies, Southeast Asia, Dubai and Africa feature prominently. 

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