Huge Untapped Market for Consultative Learning Solutions: Aurelius

Aurelius helps in solving business needs around technology

Sumit Peer, founder and CEO, Aurelius Corporate Solutions.

Aurelius Corporate Solutions is a 100 percent independent and non-affiliated Knowledge Solutions Integrator (KSI), offering Consultative Learning Solutions across 40+ domains. These range from IT, Automotive, BFSI, Retail, Telecom, Mobility, Technical, Digital Enterprise, Testing, Networking, Mechanical, Healthcare, OEM Programs, Chemical, Refining, Oil & Gas, Business Management, Supply Chain Management and Infrastructure.

Sumit Peer, founder and CEO, Aurelius, tells us more about delivering customized learning solutions globally. Excerpts:

BW CIO: What all applications and technologies is Aurelius focusing on? Elaborate with examples.

Sumit Peer: Aurelius is one of its kind a Knowledge Solutions Integrator (KSI) offering Consultative Learning Solutions across 40 plus domains, and more than 5,000 technologies in around 30 countries. These programs are delivered real-time and virtual with cloud hosted labs and Learning Management Systems.

We are focusing mostly on emerging technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Robotics, Work Fusion and many more. In fact, we have already delivered numerous learning solutions projects on them to our customers, nationally and internationally. Our customers are happy and satisfied with the projects.

There are more than 20 latest technologies, which are trending globally. We have developed a capability on all of them. We also keep our customers updated with Aurelius’ technology prowess on a regular basis. Aurelius is always ready and attuned to whatever is the latest in the technology world.

BW CIO: How are companies delivering better business due to Aurelius?

Sumit Peer: Aurelius’ business model is extremely transparent; our learning solutions have a direct return on investment and a great ‘Internal rate of return’ on every penny spent for customers.

Aurelius helps in solving business needs around technology and its implementation, irrespective of the domains or types of businesses. We have worked with multiple customers in the learning industry and developed acceptability within many segments. Aurelius has worked with leading companies like Larsen & Toubro, Infotech Ltd, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, World Bank, Accenture, Prolifics etc. to name a few.

To showcase one such example, Aurelius helped Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with HighJump Warehouse Advantage. Though Tata Consultancy Service has a large market share in the domain of supply chain management and warehouse management, TCS was facing fierce competition in this segment, with more number of players entering into the market.

TCS decided to endorse HighJump Warehouse Management Advantage system, which was a highly effective management system to stay ahead in the game. However, to implement the system effectively, TCS required skilled professionals.

Aurelius conducted an entire training program, which was customized up-to level 3 and above, with the aim of providing a combination of theory and hands-on-expertise to make the team in TCS industry ready and efficient. The training was delivered in real-time with classroom sessions including practical hands-on lab classes and extensive query and doubt clearing sessions.

Post the training session, the team in TCS was empowered to effectively implement High Jump Warehouse for globalized and diversified manufacturing and supply chain elements. TCS has retained its position in the market of supply chain and warehouse management with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

BW CIO: What all does customized end to end KSI services involve?

Sumit Peer: Aurelius is a new age IT company with a new approach, where we start the work from scratch -- from getting in touch with customers, informing them about the importance of KSI solutions, and Aurelius, convincing their SME and concerned people about the same.

We start by understanding clients’ scope of work, formalizing on the scope of work in conjunction with customers, getting SMEs in place, setting up requisite lab in place; this can be from anywhere in the world. We then get the contents in place, work on the mode of delivery and preparation of paper work, live scenarios and simulations. The project then reaches a stage of delivery, which is further checked.

On conformity with customer, the project starts off completely and gets rolling. Every project is different from the last project and has new challenges, new opportunities and learning which is what we treasure.

To highlight this situation with one such similar example, Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) implementation of SAP SNC would be an ideal one. Hewlett Packard being a market leader in the IT world was already providing latest technology tools and models. However, SAP SNC was missing which required a complex set-up and understanding.

Prior to Aurelius, some other organizations tried to set up the system for HP, but could not reach requisite levels. Aurelius, by putting together all its resources into use, was able to deliver a tailored training model providing end to end solutions. Two faculties were involved in the training model, involving the technical and functional aspects of the tool.  

Through Aurelius’ end-to-end solutions, HP successfully implemented SAP SNC, which helped the latter increase its customer base and further spread their outreach in Supplier Inventory Management market.

BW CIO: What are you offering in CLS and to whom?

Sumit Peer: CLS (Consultative Learning Solutions) is needed today by all the businesses. This is not limited only to IT, as the perception might be. We have trained more than 50,000 professionals worldwide above 40 domains. We train customers from the professional arena who are already technical experts, but need Aurelius’ support to stay ahead in the competition market.

As an example, I would like to highlight about Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) requirement of SAP Sybase upgradation. To stay ahead in the game and provide high end server systems and server data solutions, HP required an upgrade in their server systems. Failing to do that could have posed a risk of slowing HP down in the fast growing data-driven industry.

Facing severe competitions, HP aimed to process a huge amount of data which required a very strong and effective database platform like SAP Sybase. This system could match the high-end hardware systems and take HP to the next level. Aurelius worked towards providing an entire customized package to HP to effectively deploy SAP Sybase in their servers.

From on-shore to off-shore support through a dedicated team was provided with every element suited to empower HP team with the SAP Sybase’s micro details. After the training, HP was able to integrate high-end data manipulation and management, by scaling up their own staff, which proved to be highly cost effective for HP team and highly efficient to survive successfully in the competition.

BW CIO: It seems you have not really entered hi-tech? Are there plans?

Sumit Peer: Aurelius has been rated as the leading player in the industry for the most complex and highest end technical requirements. We only compete with OEMs. We have already worked with some of technology icons in the industry.

We have helped out clients implement the most technical and high-end solutions like Artificial Intelligence, SAP Programs, Oracle Programs, Robotics, Design Thinking, Amazon Web Services, BlockChain, Big Data, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation Technologies and Automotive Infotainment Programs as well.

BW CIO: What are your future plans for 2018 and beyond?

Sumit Peer: We want to implement our Knowledge Solutions Integration globally; create huge value by solving problems of all kinds of technological complexities and the overall humanity across demographics, cultures and geographies.

BW CIO: Are you looking to expand your reach/repertoire, besides knowledge solutions? If yes, where all?

Sumit Peer: We want to be a one-stop destination for all the learning needs of corporates, individuals and institutions. We want to be the AMAZON of learning world, wherein, we can deliver our programs based on diverse requirements of companies. There is huge untapped market for consultative learning solutions in India, and worldwide, and Aurelius, with its convergence and agility, can be a game-changer in this industry.

Technology being my key strength, Aurelius’ domain would always be on the application side of technology. We aim to establish ourselves as the world’s leading Knowledge Solutions Integrator in the years to come. We are providing Level 3 and above technology learning solutions across domains.


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