Huawei and Accenture to Help Shanghai International Port Group on Information Management Platform

SIPG is a large business conglomerate engaging in port operations and related businesses


Photo Credit : Bloomberg,

Huawei and Accenture announced their latest co-operative achievement in the port information field.

Accenture will help Shanghai International Port (Group) Co. Ltd (SIPG) to establish a consolidated information management platform that will run on Huawei’s FusionCloud solution, with some of the work to be undertaken as part of the existing Huawei-Accenture Strategic Agreement.

SIPG is a large business conglomerate engaging in port operations and related businesses including port handling, stevedoring services, warehousing, logistics, and real estate development services. In its effort to become one of the global top-tier providers in this industry, SIPG is addressing several challenges, including capital scarcity, the streamlining of its management structure, ensuring service quality and controlling operating costs.

Through the existing Huawei-Accenture Strategic Agreement, Huawei will provide its hardware and software expertise and services, including hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) FusionCube; OpenStack-based cloud operating system FusionSphere; integration server, software-defined storage, and network hardware. Accenture is responsible for the overall design of SIPG’s information management platform and the system integration, leveraging its in-depth industry insights and expertise in large-scale systems implementation.

Huawei and Accenture will also work together to fulfil the implementation of their engineering system, human resources system, master data management system and the private cloud platform, as well as to carry out their business intelligence system implementation and optimization. Together both will provide an agile and responsive information management platform.


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