How to unravel puzzle of resource optimization?

Andrew Carwardine, worldwide MD at Dynama, outlines 10 reasons to make technology the great enabler, opening the door to successful resource optimization in many of the world’s most challenging environments

Resource optimization is far from straightforward and getting the balance right involves extensive and dynamic information management and processing. 

In purely financial terms, under-resourcing can be just as costly as over-resourcing if projects fail to be executed on time and on budget; attention to detail diminishes and customer service levels fall. 

Cutting corners often compromises an organization’s ability to meet strict regulatory requirements, exposing them to heavy financial penalties, a tarnished corporate reputation or even workforce casualties. 

Add to this the impact of extreme stress on an already over-stretched workforce and you risk your most highly skilled talent moving to pastures new or worse, the competition. The time to right-size your resources is now!

Why is optimization such a challenge?
First of all, resourcing is so much more than just people. Workforce availability needs to be combined with physical assets such as buildings, equipment or locations. 

Secondly, these human and physical resources might be operating in various time-zones and the scope of myriad client projects can change in an instant. 

In addition, the management of the right travel documentation and appropriate staff qualifications is essential to deliver successful, compliant projects.

All these aspects make scheduling and resource optimization very complex. However, overcome the challenges and you’ll be rewarded with motivated staff, satisfied customers, increased margins and a profitable business. But how?

Ten reasons that make technology the great enabler!
Fortunately, help is at hand thanks to the latest advancements in scheduling and resource optimization technology that ensures the right resources are delivered at the right place, time and cost. 

Use technology to create new opportunities for service and margin improvements, ensure full regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of corporate litigation for non-compliance. 

When choosing technology look out for a single, integrated platform with the following 10 ‘must-have’ ingredients that promise to:

1. Bring together all information in one place – staff and equipment assignment and deployment, staff qualifications and competencies, travel plans and documentation, regulatory compliance, timeline management and logistical support.

2. Remove duplicated effort and reduce administrative time and burden through automation.

3. Facilitate scenario planning including budgetary analysis, alongside full demand planning and compliance management.

4. Improve decision-making through timely, accurate information.

5. Streamline processes from resource deployment through associated logistics to the impact on 
payroll and full compliance management.

6. Gain a comprehensive understanding and analysis of existing capabilities.

7. Forecast future staffing and physical resource demands.

8. Identify skills gaps to support efficient training and recruitment activities.

9. Consolidate the three significant capabilities of workforce management and deployment, workforce compliance and finally business planning within a collaborative environment particularly where resource demands vary over time.

10. Access all the above on the move, at any time of the day, using a variety of mobile devices.

Now is the time to boost your resource optimization with sophisticated modern technology. The ultimate benefit is improved business performance through enhanced margin, customer service and compliance management.

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