How Sterlite Technologies Revamped Its IT Landscape

New auction portal alone saved them over 10 crores, among other benefits, says Puliakottu, CIO, Sterlite Technologies.

Sterlite Technologies is a global provider of transmission solutions for the Telecom and Power sectors. Sharing a common lineage with Vedanta Resources Plc, Sterlite is a player in optical fibres, fibre optic cables, power conductors and HV / EHV power cables, through its operations in India, China & Brazil. The company is developing network projects across India, including secure communication network creation in Jammu & Kashmir for the Indian Army (NFS), enabling BharatNet, establishing urban high-speed fibre to the home (FTTH) networks and multiple interstate ultra-mega power transmission projects.

Poised to capture new global opportunities in its domain, the company has an established IT charter to implement the best-in-class systems. They wanted to go for a refresh for its hardware, software and the overall IT infrastructure to enable an enterprise revamp for systems to become strong enough to cope with the envisaged demand for next three years.

The project implemented At Sterlite IT, we endeavor relentlessly to deliver speed and an experience. We do this by developing user-friendly portals, to enable users not only perform their day to day tasks, but to also gain insights to facilitate making informed business decisions and improve efficiency,’ says Prasanth Puliakottu, CIO, Sterlite Technologies.

The processes that they implemented as part of project ‘Enterprise Revamp’ include business processes, hardware refresh, enterprise mobility, travel web app, mobile app, pass approval app, shopfloor portal, data center, and Samvad - Telepresence.

The company evaluated several solutions and inferred that OpenText Cordys BPM was the best option to address critical facets of flexibility, scalability and speed of development. OpenText BPM is a platform that combines business process and case management into a single system that integrates legacy systems and connects processes with stakeholders. Several processes were revised in the company such as partner and customer management, auction, logistics, travel, and facility management portals were launched.

The company has a very large quantum collated data that contains answers to critical questions about its business. Extracting vital information in real time from the massive volume of data available proved a challenge for the conventional platforms. SAP HANA enabled Sterlite to collaborate and analyze data at the speed of vroom, providing insights to take informed business decisions.

DOT is a user-friendly travel portal and App, created in collaboration with internal resources. Along with flight bookings, it also provides value added services like reservation of hotel, local cab, inter-city taxi, etc. The system automatically processes the necessary booking after the employee fills up the relevant data fields.

They have tied up with two vendors who provide logistics services. The intention of this tool was to let employees focus on their core business.

The business benefits Auction Portal - One of the important internal processes that OpenText Cordys BPM transformed was the auction portal. Previously, it was managed with its legacy system that consumed time and efforts. After implementation, they realized several benefits including a transparent system, a uniform process, and improved operational efficiency, among other benefits. The portal  led to a saving of 10 crores.

v-Connect - Built to handle the movement of people around Sterlite’s various manufacturing plants, the portal handles requests such as employee, guest, vehicle gate pass, and the inbound and outbound material movement integrated with the core systems.

Customer Portal - Customer portal is built to provide complete visibility to the customer. Via the portal, customers can track the status from the time the order is placed until delivery. They can also track completeness of the delivery and give feedbacks about the products.

SAP HANA - This enabled them to get business insights real-time from their data.

The deployment also led a 99.99% uptime of their data centers, 24X7 service support, predictive analysis and preventive maintenance of servers, process driven cycles and increased control of IT.

The future plans The company has a goal of ‘multi-fold growth' in its business areas within the next three years. In this direction, IT will play the role of a key driver – spearheading integration of IT infrastructure and facilitating planning for various functional teams. IT will also play the role as a thought leader – prompt future technologies, evaluate their relevance for their businesses and drive the organization’s transition to these chosen technologies.

At a functional level, IT will continue to build predictive data analysis capabilities for help better decision making, while reducing the organization’s vulnerability to cyber theft and disruption. ‘Planned and executed seamlessly, the IT function will become a strong pillar in our corporate and employer brand strategy,' adds Prasanth.


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