How Digital DNA Misuse Rigged an Election, and Why We Should be Outraged!

Mark Zuckerberg lost about $5 billion of his personal fortune - all because of a major scandal

Facebook’s stock dropped 7 percent in just 48 hours; the company got $40 billion scalped from its capital; and Mark Zuckerberg lost about $5 billion of his personal fortune - all because of a major scandal.

Ex-Cambridge Analytica (CA) employee and whistle-blower, Chris Wylie, confessed to The Guardian that they've been misusing Facebook users’ data without their consent. In simple terms, the CA team was conducting user profiling, followed by intense brainwashing for influencing politics.

After determining what messaging was most likely to work on certain individuals using their habits and behavioural patterns, CA was selling crowd-opinion management services to the best buyers - including the people who oversaw Trump’s election campaign. In fact, Chris Wylie told the press that the guy behind the scenes was none other than Steve Bannon, one of the key advisers to Trump.

He was, in fact, the one who came up with a term for Cambridge Analytica’s product description – a "psychological-warfare mindfu@k tool".

Despite this story being covered by every major media outlet, we are just scratching the surface. Thoughts such as "isn’t this total disrespect for our privacy?!" are now painfully visible and critically accurate. Privacy experts, such as Evgeny Chereshnev, CEO at Biolink.Tech, have been ringing alarm bells for a while now.

Evgeny first predicted it in his TEDx talk in October 2016, but it’s only being taken seriously now that we have physically seen the evidence of a single company being able to influence which president was elected.

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