HackerEarth to Launch Virtual Artificial Intelligence Hackathon for Alexa

The resulting skills will be useful for the end users

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HackerEarth has announced the launch of its first virtual AI hackathon for Alexa. This unique hackathon is aimed at building more engaging skills for Alexa, which is the cloud-based voice service and brain behind Alexa-enabled devices, including the Amazon Echo.

Registration for the hackathon is open now. The contest will encourage developers to think outside of the traditional application development approach and embrace a voice-first design approach. The participants will be given access to the Alexa Skills Kit, a set of free, self-service, public APIs, that developers can utilize to easily create new experiences for Alexa.

The existing architecture allows developers to build applications or skills to enhance the customer experience for its users. The Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is a useful tool for independent developers, designers and brands, to create new ways to engage Alexa.

The hackathon is being conducted keeping in mind that the resulting skills will be useful for the end users. For this reason, it is an open themed hackathon where participants can build any skill that can benefit Alexa customers. Participants are encouraged to create business productivity solutions, cool games, engaging chatbots, smart home applications or anything else that users might be looking for.


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