HPE Edgeline Converged Edge System Solutions Simplify Management of Edge Apps

The new products begin shipping next week onward, and enable new use cases in more rugged environments

In conversation with Gerald Kleyn, senior director, Product Management and Systems R&D, Edgeline and Moonshot Systems, HPE. He said HPE has just launched four key products.

The first product is the HPE Edgeline OT Link Platform. It is an open platform that automates the interplay between diverse OT and standard-IT based applications at the edge to enable intelligent and autonomous decision making. That's software, OS plus middleware, and drivers. It also includes a user interface so that customers can create data flows. They can send, analyze data or meta data to popular cloud providers. Data is centered at the edge. Only selected data is transferred to the cloud.

Everything has an attack surface. Data sovereignty can be an issue. From a security perspective, preventing phishing attacks is primary. With EdgeLine, that makes it more secure than an IoT gateway. We have a unique kill feature in case of some vulnerability.

The next product is the HPE Edgeline systems management. It is the industry’s first systems management solutions designed for the edge to ensure enterprise-grade reliability, connectivity and security. It includes an integrated systems manager. It takes the best-of-breed from the data center, and adds the ability to interface over LTE and Wi-Fi. That helps us getting to the extra security.

With regard to LTE and Wi-Fi, in the past, the IT managers went through a wired interface. That network didn't support LTE and Wi-Fi. Now, they can support. You can manage devices that are remote using the same IT practices, over a wireless network.

The HPE Edgeline EL300 Converged Edge System features an OT link and HPE Edgeline systems management, providing superior resilience against harsh edge environments for a broad range of industrial deployments. It features an OT link and Edgeline systems management, that combines HPC and new inference engines, launched with Intel.

The fourth launch is the HPE Edgeline Field Application engineering services. This is via HPE's PointNext organization. It helps provide consulting, from PoC to production. It is used in automotive manufacturing. We also have Seagate as customer. It can be used to improve quality in manufacturing. Keysight was there, showing how they are using it for 5G test and measurement use case. CenterPoint is using it for self-healing power grids.

The EL300 is built to go outside the data center. It has completely passive cooling. The form factor is very smart, about the size of a shoe box. We managed to fit Intel X86 high performance cores.

He added: "We have customers running these on their oil rigs. It has many different support models and management paradigms. Data wasn't coming to in a consistent matter. With Edgeline, they virtualize four independent nodes. It brings all the data in real time. Data comes in from different feeds. Each one are put into containers. It is more consistent. They can access all of the data. For example., they can determine whether a compressor is affecting their activity. This wasn't done in real time before.

"In the automotive manufacturing use case, they had separate T&M equipment in the past. Now, they have converged to a single platform. We support direct CAN bus interfaces. We provide advanced analytics. In the past, there was no remote upgradation. Now, that's possible. It ensures you are secure and up to date."

The new products begin shipping next week onward. They enable new use cases in more rugged environments. HPE is also making those environments more secure and performant, to enable even more use cases.


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