HDFC Bank launches Digital Command Centre

DCC enables real-time monitoring of campaigns and customer sentiment on social media channels

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HDFC Bank Digital Command Centre

Mumbai, 10 August -- To keep pace with digitally savvy customers, HDFC Bank has launched an in-house state-of-the-art Digital Command Centre (DCC) in Mumbai. The Digital Command Centre has been set up to listen, understand and acquire valuable insights on the brand through the customers’ conversations on social media. In the time to come, the DCC will complement the bank’s endeavor to understand customers better by providing real-time inputs based on the social media conversations, thus deepening brand engagement.

DCC has been developed using the LocoBuzz tool and consists of dedicated dashboards for real-time, continuous monitoring of HDFC Bank social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram. The Bank's official Twitter handles are: @HDFCBank,  @HDFCBank_Cares, @HDFC_Bank, @HDFCBankNews #HDFCBank

At the DCC, there are dedicated screens providing real-time visualization & analytics of the buzz around the brand. A dedicated team from Digital Banking will monitor the data to provide real-time intelligence and actionable inputs to the businesses.

“In a digitally connected world, it is important for brands to be tuned in to social media platforms where a large section of customers converge and converse. The dedicated in-house Digital Command Centre enables us to tap into the rich insights on online trends based on customer conversations. The real time inputs from the command centre will act as a force multiplier for businesses to help understand our customers, address their needs in an efficient manner and enhance the overall brand experience,” said Nitin Chugh, Country Head – Digital Banking, HDFC Bank.

Addressing the press at the launch and demo of the DCC, Chugh said the DCC gives a clean and clear visualisation of what is happening in the online space -- and take quick decisions based on real-time feeds.

“We can see, in real-time, customer conversations of the bank; the positive, negative and neutral sentiments. This also gives us the ability to see how customers are responding to our online digital campaigns. Based on these inputs we can quickly take firm decisions immediately, rather than first gathering information, analyzing it, and then taking decisions. Now we can take quick and intelligent decisions based on the real-time feeds that we see on the screens at the DCC.”

The DCC, which was set up in three months, serves as a BI tool for the Bank. In fact its top management, central teams and marketing department have become very dependent on the information and analysis from the DCC. They can realign campaigns based on this information – and also take corrective or remedial action based on what influencers are saying on social media. For instance, if an ATM has run out of money in a particular part of the country, and someone posts a complaint on Twitter, the DCC can pick this up and immediately and alert the respective branch.

The DCC offers real-time mapping and shows visualisations of tweets and social media posts from any region in the world. For instance, the Bank can see how its NRI customers in the UK are reacting to its marketing campaigns. Apart from monitoring conversations in real-time, the tool picks up trending topics and can identifiy the top influencers.

The Digital Command Centre offers the following utilities:

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Online Conversations
  • Quicker customer response times and resolution management
  • Monitor online sentiment and customer feedback on products 
  • Analyze trends in customer behavior to businesses

Some of the capabilities of the DCC are:

  • Tracks 15,000 mentions per day & over 4.5 mentions lac per month
  • Mentions are mapped against 20+ product categories & 850+ sub categories
  • Generates 15+ product and campaign reports per week
  • Online funds and business insights
  • Identify influencers
  • Multi-channel information
  • Campaign monitoring & reporting
  • Real-time monitoring of online conversations
  • Online reputation management
  • Opportunity marketing
  • Industry tracking & analysis


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