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63% of Indian enterprises increased their investment in the hybrid cloud to mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

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In an online press briefing, Nutanix, a cloud software company, revealed that the pandemic has directly impacted the commitment of Indian enterprises towards the IT sector. An increase of 63% was registered in the investment of hybrid cloud models in Indian enterprises, while the global rise is just 46%.  

The pandemic has forced the enterprises to turn into cloud infrastructure to accommodate remote working. According to the Nutanix’s third annual Enterprise Cloud Index, 97% of Indian enterprises found the hybrid cloud as an ideal architecture for their organizations, compared to the 87% of the global average. 

It was also found that more than half (56%) of the Indian organizations plan to run an integrated hybrid environment within five years. The traditional data centre penetration is also estimated to drop from 13% to merely 3%.  

The MD sales of Nutanix, Balakrishnan Anantharaman quoted that the cloud infrastructure is now a critical component of IT infrastructure, as Indian enterprises branch further into investing in digitization and look for secure alternatives for their workloads. He said, “In the business environment brought about by the pandemic, flexibility and security have emerged to be of utmost importance and Indian enterprises need the ability to match workloads to the best environment. The untapped potential of hybrid cloud solutions is finally being recognized by Indian companies as they move away from legacy IT systems and adopt cloud solutions.”

The report highlighted that in the present scenario, cost savings are not the only determining factor to modern IT infrastructures. Factors like improved usage of control of IT resource (79%), increased speed to meet business needs (69%), and better support to customers (60%) are now vital factors to modernization. 

COVID-19 has accelerated us into a new era of strategic IT and raised its profile considerably. And India, as per the report, is the front runner of the modernized IT infrastructures with about three-fourth (72%) of Indian businesses already deploying or in the process of deploying HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure), compared to 50% of global respondents. 

“For true agility and scalability, hybrid cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure has been our architecture of choice. If you look at the priorities for CIOs today- security, application modernization, and automation are at the top of the list. Hybrid cloud allows them the flexibility to choose the best environment for each of these needs, with the right cost management, ” said Sendil Kumar Venkatesan, Chief Technology Officer, Shriram Capital.

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