From pre-production to post-production AI is doing a great job

AI has to be in a serene state to perform innumerable and complex content operations.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only gaining its importance in sectors like healthcare, education, finance but now it is also getting prominent in other sectors like Media and Entertainment(M&E) industry as well. With this increase in prominence, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are gaining innumerable attention from varied industries across the globe.

For industries who are based on human creativity and emotions, AI is acting as a really important part in the Media and Entertainment industry (M&E).

From innovating new contents to creating a new revolution, no doubt AI is going to set regulate the industry. AI is a helping hand to everyone. AI is helping M&E industry to generate revenues, enhance operational activities and it also makes better data-driven decisions.

Digital media is not just an additional platform for generating revenues but it is a core reason for the revenue generation for M&E industry.

AI performs some activities which proves to be M&E industry’s saviour:

Content creation: Finding new contents and writing on the concern topic is a task as media. Many tech experts are using network Artificial Intelligence to bring out the most sold out and appealing topics that will extract more and more of readers.

Wide reach: Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for the media industry to reach outside the restricted area. There are certain regions were Language acts as a barrier and with the help of AI, people can convert a particular language to any particular language which will eventually widen the reach with minimum cost.

Promotion: Trailers are the key for promoting any movie, it advertises the movie and helps the movie to reach it to the masses. AI identify the scene and find the compact version of the plot which will attract more viewers.

Surveillance: AI also helps in keeping a check on the entire broadcast, it supervises and monitor the event to keep the mess away.

There are some disadvantages to AI in the field of Media and Entertainment industry.

  • They cannot work outside what they are told to do.
    • Machines can easily lead to destruction.
      • AI is smarter than us, it can enslave us.
        • Computer programmes lack in emotions

To implement AI in M&E industry, firms first needs to research on introducing AI in the particular industry before investing technology.

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