Foehn Redefines Cloud Phone Systems Management with Voxivo

Easy-to-use cloud phone system reduces the burden on IT and business managers with intuitive controls and ‘drag and drop’ dial plan functionality



Foehn, the award-winning provider of cloud communications technology, has launched Voxivo, a new cloud phone system.

Voxivo’s design simplicity and innovative interface transforms crucial but often over-looked aspects of staff productivity amongst businesses of all sizes, by giving IT or business managers and employees alike easy control of key phone system management tasks that were previously denied to them.

With its highly-attractive and easy-to-use phone system interface, Voxivo marks a break with the uninspiring and over-complicated UK office phone set-ups of the past. It empowers companies to take administrative control of phone system performance, workflows and device configuration removing the need to rely on third-party telecoms service providers, and enabling companies’ in-house IT managers or business managers that increasingly need to make ‘on the spot’ phone system changes or add new extensions, to ensure employee responsiveness and the best customer experience.

Voxivo’s intuitive interface helps IT managers, team supervisors and employees alike save time that is otherwise lost on a daily basis in seeking technical assistance from third party suppliers for ‘non-technical’ but nevertheless vital phone system changes.

Through the Voxivo interface’s clear graphics and ‘drag and drop’ system change options, businesses will achieve ‘breakthrough’ administrative capabilities, including:

* A supervisor portal enabling IT managers or team leaders to set up or revise call plans and add users, better matching campaign requirements, staffing levels and team skill sets to fast-changing customer demand.

* An individual user portal lets team members or customer agents track their call history, make their own time-saving changes in an instant, such as twinning their office phone with their mobile or changing voicemail settings.

* Clear graphics-based reporting enables department heads and team leaders to instantly review performance and make changes to dial plans / staffing.

UK companies’ lack of phone system flexibility and frequent supplier ‘lock-in’ has long resulted in demotivated system users and prolonged customer response times, at both large and small firms. Over the longer term, many firms are unable to get optimum value and agility from their communications technology investments.

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