Flexera to Acquire BDNA

Re-imagining how data powers the software supply chain

Flexera has signed an agreement to acquire Mountain View, CA-based BDNA. Financial terms are not being disclosed.

Jim Ryan, Flexera’s CEO, said: "Software applications are essential tools to help companies solve business problems. But it's the data used by those applications that ultimately powers the software ecosystem. We’re bringing together two leaders with a shared vision of how technology asset data can transform the entire software industry.

"As a result of this acquisition, Flexera will have the largest repository of decision-support data available to any organisation running commercial and open source software, including applications powering IoT devices.

"Flexera now has the world's largest database of security-specific data relating to software and devices. Even if an organisation has invested in a Software Asset Management (SAM), Open Source or Security application not developed by Flexera – our software and hardware asset data will dramatically increase the ROI that organisation will get from their investment."

Every day, executives rely on multiple software solutions to make business decisions. But, the technology asset data feeding these solutions often is incomplete and inaccurate, resulting in poor data quality. Additionally, because these software tools don’t speak a common “data language,” they’re siloed, making it difficult to share information. This impedes collaboration, sound decision-making, and ultimately, reduces the RoI companies realise from software investments.

This software supply chain dysfunction is no longer acceptable. To succeed today, executives have to be business-ready. They have to be able to make faster business decisions wherever they are, whenever needed, leveraging any software solution they use. So, the data powering their software must be up to date, reliable, comprehensive, and speak a common language.

"Flexera and BDNA understand better than anyone else the key role technology asset intelligence plays in executive decision-support," said Ryan. "We’ve both built our businesses on a foundation of data. We both combine broad and rich technology asset data with best-in-class automation and analytics. We both solve the most complicated software and hardware management challenges organisations face."

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