First Polish Company joins EIT Digital Accelerator

Enables to optimise online marketing activities and improve conversion rates

Polish startup Piwik PRO is joining the EIT Digital Accelerator to introduce its GDPR-compliant enterprise analytics and marketing platform to a growing market of users across Europe and the US.

Piwik PRO enables marketers, product managers and data analysts to optimise online marketing activities and improve conversion rates through better understanding of customer behavior and user experience. The company’s primary customers are banks, telecom providers, government organisations and other companies handling sensitive data that are unwilling to share it with large analytics vendors such as Adobe and Google. Thanks to its partnership with EIT Digital Accelerator, Piwik PRO is about to expand across Western Europe and North America.

Founded in 2013, Piwik PRO wasn’t the first company to offer an alternative analytics and marketing technology platforms for enterprises. However, its on-premises solution made it an attractive choice for companies processing sensitive data. Piwik PRO’s first customers were from the financial, telecommunications and public sectors but latterly more retail and e-commerce companies have become interested in its platform.

The company raised $2 million series A funding in 2017 in order to expand its sales and product offering - a significant stake for a Polish startup. The EIT Digital Accelerator also recognises Piwik PRO’s potential.

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