F-Secure intros Unique Partner-driven Service to Stop Targeted Cyber Attacks

Channel partners have immense new service opportunities to protect their customers from rising numbers of targeted and fileless attacks

Businesses globally are being compromised by an onslaught of targeted and fileless cyber attacks. F-Secure is answering the demand for new types of services to combat these attacks.

Via its growing network of channel partners, F-Secure is introducing a new purpose-built managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) service to protect companies from targeted cyber attacks and advanced threats. Co-created with partners, the service offers partners a chance to get in on the surging opportunity around managed EDR services.

“Companies are demanding managed services and advanced threat protection, requiring more human participation and expertise than is offered by standard security products,” said Thomas Zeller, MD at BWG Informationssysteme GmbH. “F-Secure offers us new managed service opportunities and we have access to their threat analysts in case needed.”

Fifty-five percent of incidents investigated by F-Secure’s incident response services are caused by targeted attacks, while only 45 percent are opportunistic. Attackers are employing methods designed to evade traditional endpoint protection technologies: Ponemon projects that 35 percent of attacks in 2018 will be fileless, up 6 percent from last year, and these attacks are almost ten times more likely to succeed than traditional file-based attacks.

A SANS report found 32 percent of organizations had seen fileless attacks involving methods such as privilege escalation, admin credential theft, Powershell script attacks, and lateral movement. On top of that, phishing and ransomware remain top concerns. According to SANS, 72 percent of organizations experienced phishing, which also resulted in the greatest impact to organizations.

While major data breaches have been in the news for years, businesses operating in the European Union must now also consider the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Beginning in May, companies must have adequate detection capabilities and must be prepared to disclose data breaches within 72 hours. The best-in-class protection, detection and response capabilities offered by F-Secure and its partners protects businesses and their sensitive data by detecting breaches quickly.

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