EyeDrive: A smart drive

Holographic car assistance can help you have a control over your GPS and other mobile operated features with just a gesture.

Driving on a road and don’t know the way? Google assistant is already there to help you track the way which requires you to operate your phone and set preferences. Using phone while driving is prohibited, neither you can’t attend or make important calls nor can play your favorite songs. The distraction from the road might lead to severe accidents or injuries. 

So, the days of people being distracted while driving are over, EyeLights, a company dealing with the development of argumented reality devices has come up with a new technology that is EyeDrive. It is a device to help you manage all the functions in your car while you drive. This is a compact technology which uses holograph to operate rather than a digital screen. It converts your car windshield into a holographic surface so that you can manage all the working from just a touch. 

The person driving a car can be safe and focus on the road to avoid any serious injuries as it helps the person keep his eyes on the road than the smartphones. The accessories in the package include the EyeDrive Gesture Control, a gesture sensor. This car assistant sense your hand gestures not the holographic screen and work accordingly. The innovation has taken the GPS and other car assistants to a next-gen level. The display is 4000 nits which make the display much brighter than any other screen resolution in the market. The brightness sets according to the night and day time. 

The EyeDrive gesture control technology is a completely latest technology which is waterproof, cheap, easy to install, wireless, camera viewer and many more. The device can also sync in the information from the phone while driving. 

Things you can do with the help of the new technology:

  1. GPS maps- The navigation app on the windshield will help reach the destined location. 
  2. Music- Listen to your favorite music anytime within such ease from any of the apps on your phone. 
  3. Calls- Attend calls and start a new conversation without touching your phone.
  4. Cameras- Rear view cameras can help in parking. There is a full size image display on the screen. 
  5. Voice analyzation- The detection of the person’s voice can help in controlling functions without any touch control. It can be Google Assistant or Siri depends not he connection of the phone.

This compact device can assist a person and provide a safe drive. This technology accesses all the information 10 times faster compared to other devices. 

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