EfficientIP Brings Cloud Orchestration and Security Innovations to Masses with SOLIDserver 6.0.1

More secure than many of the world’s largest organisations for a fraction of the cost


EfficientIP, a leading provider of ground-level strategic network services, the smart combination of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, announced the availability of SOLIDserver 6.0.1, extending its leadership in DNS Security, DDI cloud and DDI orchestration solutions.

For the first time, enterprise-levels of sophistication are available to mid-size companies for IT layers many of their larger rivals ignore at their peril.

To stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, organisations are looking to implement innovative, best-of-breed solutions which can keep pace with the latest trends in cloud and virtualisation, keeping their networks efficient, error-free and delivering maximum ROI.

SOLIDserver DDI virtual appliance runs on all major virtualisation solutions available on the market, including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and OpenStack. Now it has been extended to run in public cloud environments as well: Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and the Google Cloud.

In addition, running SOLIDserver?reduces costs by distributing DNS-DHCP and IPAM services enabling faster deployment of services.

SOLIDserver 6.0.1 seamlessly integrates with leading Orchestrators, like vRrealize, HP OO and Terraform, to automate workflow provisioning. This makes for fast and easy deployments according to specific DDI management policies, IP resources ready to adapt rapidly to changing business demands and reduces the risk of errors caused by the repetition of manual tasks. Another less obvious benefit orchestrator integration brings is global visibility across the entire network.

Configuration of EfficientIP’s powerful DNS security solution, DNS Guardian, has been made even easier via GUI access. Innovating to strengthen the fight against cybersecurity, new analytical and reporting capabilities have been introduced. A more precise view of DNS traffic allows rapid analysis of trends and anomalies. Real-time traffic analysis allows detailed investigation of anomalies and hence, efficient remediation.

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