Dremio bridges Gap between Data Engineers and Data Consumers

These new features support data initiatives by providing shorter lead times, lower operational costs

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Dremio, the Data-as-a-Service Platform company, announced a major release of its open source platform that includes a collaborative data catalog; along with new controls for multi-tenant deployments, end-to-end data encryption, and a breakthrough in performance and efficiency through the Gandiva Initiative for Apache Arrow.

These new features support data initiatives by providing shorter lead times, lower operational costs, greater security and governance, and more self-service to a broader range of roles.

“Everything-as-a-Service has been embraced by IT for the past five years – encompassing infrastructure, platforms and applications,” said Kelly Stirman, vice president strategy and CMO, Dremio. “Today, we are providing these same benefits to our customers for their data initiatives, by offering tools for data engineers to be more productive, and for data consumers to be more self-sufficient.”

“At Virgin Orbit our mission is to safely, reliably, and affordably place satellites into orbit, and gaining insight from data is a key part of our strategy,” said Andrzej Goryca, senior enterprise systems manager, Virgin Orbit. “We were thrilled to discover Dremio earlier this year, and it has significantly reduced the time to build our data analytics platform. Today our analysts and data scientists can easily work with data from our relational and NoSQL stores using their favorite tools, with a lot less intervention from our data engineering teams. We get to answers faster with Dremio.”

“At VideoAmp we view ourselves as both a software and data company,” said Eric Lakich, VP tech ops at VideoAmp. “We are a convergence of Platform-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Service with data at the core of everything we do. Dremio is a key component in our data exploration workflow enabling us to offer a portal into our vast backend data-sources. With Dremio, more people than ever before have the power to quickly explore and create. This capability brings great value to the VideoAmp products and solutions.”

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