Dovetail announces Programme to help Design Schools and Educational Institutions

‘Future Learning Environment’ aims to build awareness among Indian educators on the importance of planning for ergonomics, multi-functionality, interactivity

Dovetail, a pioneer in the Indian school furniture design and manufacturing segment, today announced a first of its kind programme – “Future Learning Environment”, to build awareness among schools and educational institutions, the importance of planning for infrastructure that enables them adapt to fast-changing learning trends.

As a part of the programme, Dovetail will provide a range of solutions and offerings, introducing educators to futuristic classrooms, labs, libraries, etc. that facilitate interactivity, new learning methodologies, multi-functionality, digital learning and classroom ergonomics, trends that millennials and the next generation have already imbibed in them.

Dovetail also announced the launch of their pilot offering under the programme, a unique range of specially designed classroom furniture. From the choice of materials, like stainless steel frames for the desks to ensure they remain rust-proof in humid weather and coastal areas or rounded table tops that prevent students from hurting themselves when they bump into the desks to features such as storage shelves below the table, bag hooks or whiteboard tabletops that allow students scribble quick notes, the new range of furniture not only allow for better space utilisation in classrooms, but are also designed keeping in mind student’s posture and physical fitness.

Talking about the idea behind “The Future Learning Environment”, S. Sundar, MD, Dovetail says: “Despite the fast growth in the number of schools and colleges in India in the last few years, Indian educators have paid less attention to planning for infrastructure that facilitates new age and future learning. However, as digital millennials exhibit new and faster ways of learning and as it forces changes in curriculum and learning methodologies, educational institutions will be forced to design and plan an environment that enables and supports change in learning trends.”

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