Digital Transformation Strategies key to Achieving Agility and Long-term Competitiveness

Operators, on their part, are struggling with the challenge of overcoming cultural resistance to digital transformation

Adopting digital transformation strategies across the entire organization is vital for operators to achieve agility, deliver real-time digital services in line with customer demands and long-term competitiveness, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

The company’s report ‘Competitive Landscape Assessment - Digital Transformation Platforms’, reveals that digital transformation platforms allow operators to gain new digital business revenues by enabling capabilities such as real-time partner/customer management and user-selected channel interactions.

Ron Westfall, Research director for Service Provider Infrastructure at GlobalData, comments, “Without a comprehensive strategy, digital transformation becomes exceedingly difficult and operator attempts to execute digital transformation only across parts of the organization, end in failure.”

Operators, on their part, are struggling with the challenge of overcoming cultural resistance to digital transformation. This includes convincing employees to adopt digital transformation without fearing for their jobs, as well as facilitating collaboration across organizational silos.

GlobalData suggests that operators should adopt digital transformation platforms to deliver consistent, omnichannel customer experiences as they counter growing threats from emerging competitors, such as MVNOs, OTT substitute networks, and web-scale digital brands.

Westfall adds,“The top management must develop and co-ordinate their digital transformation plans to ensure organization-wide acceptance and reduce cultural resistance and organizational barriers.”

Major suppliers must develop and deliver comprehensive cloud platforms that meet operator demands including DevOps-enabled software development collaboration and TM Forum Digital Maturity Model tools to usher in digital transformation across the organization.

To streamline the complex digital transformation process, top-tier vendors should respond with pre-integration and bundling of full-stack OSS and BSS products with orchestration and management platforms.

Westfall concludes: “Operators pursuing digital transformation strategies must factor in the breadth and comprehensiveness of vendor digital transformation portfolio offerings. Of particular importance are their orchestration, analytics and OSS/BSS products, i.e., in accelerating and easing the integration and scaling of the 5G, IoT, and cloud aspects of digital commerce models.”


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