DigiCert Introduces Upgraded TLS Certificate, Business Manager For Channel Partners

CertCentral helps partners customize and automate all stages of life-cycle management for their end customers.

DigiCert, a US-based technology company focussed on digital security, is upgrading channel partners to DigiCert CertCentral Partner, a comprehensive TLS certificate management solution for cloud and hosted environments. CertCentral helps partners customize and automate all stages of life-cycle management for their end customers, as well as easily deliver new features and solutions, while simplifying business management.   

CertCentral Partner offers an updated API that lets partners easily integrate key features into their own offerings for their customers. Pre-validation capabilities, as well as support for change orders during order processing, help improve business agility. Using CertCentral, partners can support multiple sub-accounts under a main account, simplifying management of customer accounts, ordering, payments and other processes. 

“DigiCert CertCentral Partner is part of our comprehensive strategy to support our partners with world-class technology and services to help them succeed,” says Philip Antoniadis, executive vice president of worldwide sales at DigiCert. ” 

“Partners have distinct requirements for managing customers’ digital certificates, and DigiCert CertCentral Partner helps them better address each customer’s specific needs,” says Tobias Zatti, product manager at DigiCert. 

CertCentral Partner provides a set of account management tools for better TLS certificate deployment to end customers. 

Leading features allow partners to:

Access all certificate types from one place, through an advanced API, to better address end customer requirements and easily build new solutions that help drive growth; 

Take advantage of flexible ordering processes, including order changes, for improved efficiency, enhanced agility and an improved experience for end customers;  

Gain 360-degree visibility through an easy-to-use UI that provides fast access to everything they require in just a few clicks; and 

View and use a comprehensive library of documentation with API details, technical support and more. 

“At Secure128, we’ve found the DigiCert CertCentral Partner and API to be a breath of fresh air,” says John Monnett, managing partner, operations, at Secure128.

“With DigiCert CertCentral Partner, our customers and our organization have saved so much time,” says Marcus Wessberg, head of IT at Ports Group. 

“Through the API and ACME, DigiCert CertCentral Partner gives us the ability to issue certificates instantly and automatically for all our customers,” says Rollin Yu, technical director at TrustAsia.

“With DigiCert CertCentral Partner, we, as well as our customers, have achieved much improved certificate lifecycle management, which is now more visible and intuitive,” says Roger Werner, CEO of CertSuperior. 

Partners can get details about upgrading to CertCentral Partner by speaking with their account representative. 


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