Deskera Partners with NASSCOM for 10,000 Start-ups Program

Deskera software will now be included in the complimentary start-up kit provided to participants

Deskera, a global provider of cloud-based software solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, has partnered with the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) to support their 10,000 Start-ups initiative as a sponsor of their start-up kit.

In order to support start-ups in the NASSCOM program, Deskera software will now be included in the complimentary start-up kit provided to participants. Access to Deskera’s cloud software will help the start-ups save on costs, ensure compliance, and provide scalable technology that can manage future growth during the initial stage of their business.

Deskera’s contribution to the ‘Start-up kit’ is an integrated, cloud-based suite of business applications that includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management Service (HRMS), and Project Management (PM). This will be available free-of-charge to all program participants for six months.

NASSCOM’s initiative is committed to incubating, funding and providing ambient support to 10,000 technology start-ups in India, by 2023. The aim is to nurture the hatchling start-ups into full-fledged technology companies through access to start-up incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, start-up support groups, mentors, and technology partners.

The 10,000 Start-ups focuses on multifold activities that foster entrepreneurship and provide robust early stage support to the enrolled companies. This initiative is a collaborative effort to empower young entrepreneurs to create ventures of global scale from India.

Shashank Dixit, founder and CEO Deskera, said: “The start-up phase of a business is an exciting time, and anything that helps a new company save costs goes a long way. I applaud NASSCOM on their 10,000 Start-ups project, and for creating a vibrant environment that provides every young entrepreneur with an opportunity to pursue their ideas in the tech space.”

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