Data XGen offers Innovative and Secure Email Service DataMail

Currently, in India, linguistic email service is being offered in 15 regional languages

Data XGen Technologies Ltd has launched an innovative service, DataMail, which provides easy and secure access to email without any password to login. Developed by Data XGen Technologies, a global innovator in linguistic email technology, the email service can be accessed with a token number on your phone, which remains valid for 20 seconds.

All that needs to be done is –Open the DataMail App/Website on your device, put in your mobile number and you will immediately get a token number to login to your email service. Other email service providers ask for a Username to get the OTP on the mobile number. But with DataMail, there is no need of any username and password. This unique and advanced email service is very secure and difficult to hack as compared to other email service providers.

Ajay Data, founder and CEO, Data XGen, said: “You can use DataMail App to generate a token number which will be valid for 20 seconds and in that period you have to key in that number in your browser for login into webmail account. This secured and easy number-based login method of accessing your email allows you to access your account without password.

"Even forgetting the password is not an issue as you can still access your emails. Besides,nobody can record and see your password which is now fully secured. Even hackers cannot know your password and get into your account."

The current innovation in the world of email technology may pleasantly surprise you. You may question its functionality but to be assured of its efficacy, you simply need to try it yourself.

Made in India, ‘DataMail’, the world’s first linguistic email service supporting IDN’s in several Indian and four foreign languages, can be downloaded from any Android or IOS system for free. Currently, in India, linguistic email service is being offered in 15 regional languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi.

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