Data Management is Where the Challenge Lies: Till Stimberg, HPE

GreenLake basically takes care of the base infrastructure of the customer

I was in conversation with Till Stimberg, director, Hybrid IT Business Unit, DACH and Russia, HPE.

Regarding intelligent storage and InfoSights, he said: "That's really what we see. It's all about basic maintenance. Why do people go after the public cloud? They look at the cost advantages. They don't want to deal with the infrastructure. They don't want to manage, and maintain, but want to consume an IT service. We try to make that possible for customers, even on their data centers. They get the benefits as a service.

"There are ways of using the information -- to an autonomous data center. We also announced the resource planner - Nimble. We get away from trial and error. We also announced the InfoSight to now support the compute portfolio. It gives you the graph to the whole infrastructure.

Regarding storage management, he added: "It is probably at 30 percent today. InfoSight can help with better insights and recommendations. It gives you a view of your infrastructure.

"Everything-as-a-service, GreenLake, basically, takes care of the base infrastructure of the customer. They can grow into it. The customer pays for what it uses. InfoSight provides full visibility. It tells how much you can utilize, and how much you can optimize, with concrete recommendations.

"We really want to manage the infrastructure. Data management is where the challenge lies. InfoSight shows how many copies you have, do you have the right protection for data? Another way to address is: we offer backup-as-a-service.

"You only define how much protected you want the data to be. You only keep as many copies as required. We can help in business process management with consultancy services from PointNext.

"InfoSight allows you one-stop visibility into your compute and storage. We are managing infrastructure with AI. You can self-manage, and have a self-healing infrastructure. There are lesser costs involved. There is less time in maintaining it. So, you get better utilization."

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