Dahua and Seagate Building an Industry Ecosystem Diligently Together for 10 Years

Dahua and Seagate have long been more than just a simple customer and supplier relationship

Seagate Technology LLC and Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. recently held a ceremony to commemorate 10 years' partnership at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center of China.

Zhang Wei, Dahua Technology VP and GM of the Domestic Business, and Ms. Sun Dan, Seagate Technology Global VP and president of China Region, were present at the ceremony to celebrate their partnership and join hands in riding the new wave of artificial intelligence in the development of the security industry.

During the event, Seagate awarded Dahua the title of “Seagate Global Security Strategic Partner”, further strengthening its cooperation between the industry leaders and continuing to jointly develop market opportunities and drive the development of the security industry.

Ms. Sun Dan, noted that during the 10 years of co-operation between Seagate and Dahua, a strategic relationship was formed and many high-performance, large-volume, and high-reliability storage products had been released to provide stronger support to video surveillance storage.

“In addition to the procurement and deployment of products, the partnership between Dahua and Seagate also involved all-rounded and in-depth joint effort in the hard disk technological evolution, customized research and development, and market promotion,” said Zhang Wei.

“Dahua and Seagate have long been more than just a simple customer and supplier relationship – we are strategic partners whose mutual cooperation is based upon a high degree of trust and interdependency.”

As a part of its “Cloud Ecosystem, Smart Future” strategy, Dahua articulates “end-to-end computing” which integrates cloud and edge computing. Dahua actively expands into fields such as smart cities, intelligent transportation, and smart homes, offering professional and differentiated services, which in turn raises the bar for the product technologies and project services of both parties.

During the ceremony, the two sides unanimously expressed that they would make full use of their own technologies, talents, resources, and other advantages to form cohesion and continue innovation, jointly building a more thorough new ecosystem within the video IoT industry.

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