Cryptshare 4.0: More Convenience and Security, Less Shadow IT

Also allows secure file exchange, even on mobile devices

The success of smartphones has led to changes in companies' expectations of convenience. Smartphones have become the backbone of daily communications for many users enabling them to do business on the go -but with the unwanted side effect of serving as a cybercriminal gateway to enterprise networks. The danger is more acute, than you may think, as smartphones are often closely linked to solutions that we are familiar with from our personal lives.

The use of unauthorized software that is not in IT administrators' control, also known as "shadow IT", poses an even a greater risk for enterprises. That’s why data protection on mobile devices must be high-priority. German software provider Befine Solutions has comprehensively re-engineered its communication solution Cryptshare to help solve this. It now seamlessly combines both security and ease-of-use on mobile devices.

The fundamental redesign of the web application user-interface is a great enhancement which enables app-like use on mobile devices without having to install any software or sign into an online store. This makes it easy for users to securely exchange information while on the go. Version 4.0 the new version, is available now and it includes a 64-bit upgrade enhancing product performance.

The focus was on ease-of-use for mobile devices during development. Users can now send and receive confidential information including large files to or from their smartphone: This means that an architect can conveniently send pictures from the construction site to the office - enabling an improved workflow. A tax consultant can receive a salary statement at short notice, a healthcare worker can send private patient records to the hospital directly from a home visit.

The Cryptshare Web application can be used on smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems and it adapts to the resolution of the respective end device; whether on a tablet, phablet, notebook or desktop computer. Sending secure Emails on the go has become even simpler and much faster.

Users simply place a Cryptshare icon in their app selection on their mobile device and access the Web application using a standard browser. The newly designed user interface can be navigated using a mouse or with a touch of a fingertip. The use of symbols also ensures intuitive use without the need for training.

Cryptshare version 4.0 offers the convenience of an app and it even looks and feels like an app - but it isn't. Neither the sender nor the receiver have to install any software. The solution does not occupy any smartphone storage space, nor does the user have to log into an online store to download software. In the end, this provides more security. The second key aspect of the new version is that data is only exchanged via the company's server, avoiding third-party apps and unknown cloud storage.

Large amounts of data that cannot be sent by e-mail can tempt employees into using tools that they are familiar with from their personal lives - sensitive data tends to be handled more carelessly on the go than from an office PC. The danger of "shadow IT" can be reduced by using Cryptshare, in the office and now on the go.

A 64-bit upgrade of the Linux distribution is now available for Cryptshare appliances. Accordingly, the 32-bit version will no longer be supported. The advantage: Virtual appliances can be upscaled even further to provide far greater capacity when needed. IT managers can allocate more memory and increase performance as users demand it. In addition, the distribution upgrade can now be started using the Cryptshare server administration interface. This is simpler and faster than the previous method and there will be additional options for the operating system administrator in future versions.

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