Cost Saving for Securing Cloud, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures with Security-as-a-Service Solution

Total economic impact study shows nearly $1 million in cost benefit, 348 percent RoI with Alert Logic Cloud Defender

Alert Logic, the leading provider of Security-as-a-Service  solutions for the cloud, announced the results of a commissioned study that found an organisation could experience benefit of $918,727 and a 348 percent return on investment over a three-year period with Alert Logic Cloud Defender.

The Total Economic Impact (TEI) study, conducted by global analyst firm Forrester Consulting, was undertaken to determine the cost savings businesses would experience leveraging the services of Alert Logic Cloud Defender, the industry’s first fully-managed, cloud-native security and compliance solution, over hiring and retaining their own in-house staff to maintain the security and compliance requirements of their cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures.  

The study calculated in-house security and compliance staffing costs avoided over three years with Alert Logic Cloud Defender at $617,085, regulatory compliance staffing avoided at $210,139, faster customer acquisition at $31,818 and storage infrastructure cost avoided at $59,684.

The study also found that an organisation would recoup its original investment for Alert Logic Cloud Defender within a two-month time period.

For the study, Forrester Consulting conducted in-depth interviews with four Alert Logic customers who were responsible for securing their own and their customers’ sensitive data on multiple public cloud platforms and in hybrid cloud environments – a digital marketing agency, a Software-as-a-Service tool provider, an automobile distributor, and a retail consulting firm.

Based on the interviews, Forrester synthesised their attributes into a single representative composite customer on which to the conduct the financial analysis: a $50 million engineering services firm with 200 employees, 10 global offices, and client compliance requirements that include SOX, HIPPA, PCI, and ISO 27001.

Seventy-five percent of its client workloads have been transitioned to public cloud infrastructure from on-premises data centers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and various private regional cloud providers.

Prior to securing their cloud and hybrid cloud infrastructures with Alert Logic, the businesses interviewed for the study were challenged in various ways with their need to rapidly offer client services on public cloud infrastructure while assuring the security of their clients’ data and applications.

These included an inability to cost-effectively keep pace with an ever-changing threat environment, need for 24x7 global security monitoring, expediently obtaining certifications and demonstrating regulatory compliance, an inability to actively monitor and review hundreds or thousands of daily log files and recruiting and retaining skilled security engineers and analysts to manage their infrastructure security internally.


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