Corporate Travelers can Link SAP Concur Profile with Carzonrent App: Neeraj Dotel

Besides partnering SAP Concur, Carzonrent has always been at the forefront of providing global solutions to Indian businesses

Neeraj Dotel, MD India & SAARC, SAP Concur.

Recently, SAP Concur and Carzonrent entered into a partnership to create a seamless travel experience to all the SAP Concur clients.

Excerpts from an interaction with Neeraj Dotel, MD India & SAARC, SAP Concur, and Rajiv K. Vij, MD and CEO at Carzonrent.

BW CIO: What's so exclusive about SAP Concur’s partnership with Carzonrent? And, why now? 

Neeraj Dotel: We always push ourselves to invent the ideas that keep our customers ahead of technology and make business travel as smooth as possible. Partnering with Carzonrent, India’s first corporate car rental service is a step towards this direction.

Carzonrent offers end-to-end long- and short-term car rental/hire solutions through its fleet of more than 8,000 cars across the country. Currently, it is available in 65 cities, 9 international airports, major railway stations, prominent hotels, and malls across India. It means: you can rent or hire a car wherever and whenever needed.

This partnership will create a seamless travel experience to all the SAP Concur clients to improve their business travel processes with respect to car rental. Corporate travelers can now link their SAP Concur profile with the Carzonrent app, to easily book, view, and report and analyze all their travel expenses in one place.

Rajiv K. Vij: Carzonrent is one of India’s largest personal ground transport businesses with a fleet of more than 8000 chauffeur-drive cars. We service more than 600 corporate clients and we drive over 10 million passengers annually. These include some of the largest MNCs in India.

MNCs today spend between 5-6 percent of their total expenses on car rental services. Automation of these expense reimbursements reduces significant cost and human capital to be deployed for the activity. Most corporates struggle today with a solution for the same in India for car rental services. Carzonrent is the first company in the car rental industry in India to introduce this solution for its corporates with the integration with SAP Concur.  

BW CIO: How can SAP Concur help Carzonrent in expense and invoice management?

Neeraj Dotel: Corporate travelers will now be able to access the Carzonrent app with the SAP Concur App Center. With this streamlined integration, travelers will have access to lower rates with an increased car inventory.

This will make expense management easier by linking Carzonrent and Concur Expense accounts. Once linked, all invoices generated by Carzonrent after completion of a trip will automatically be pushed to Concur Expense profile as e-receipts.

BW CIO: Why is Carzonrent providing all clients of SAP Concur a seamless experience for corporate car rental reservation? Why not others, beyond SAP Concur?

Rajiv K. Vij: Carzonrent has always been at the forefront of providing global solutions to Indian businesses. The mobility landscape is changing rapidly and as the leader in this space, Carzonrent continues to provide solutions to corporates to make sure travel becomes more convenient, transparent and value driven. 

This association with SAP Concur, gives both SAP Concur and us an opportunity to enable seamless experiences for our clients. While all SAP Concur clients can now use Carzonrent services seamlessly, all Carzonrent clients can also enable SAP Concur in their organizations to automate their overall expenses.

BW CIO: Is there any agreement for overseas as well?

Neeraj Dotel: As of now, this is applicable for India only. The solution will now be available to all SAP Concur clients who are travelling to India from across the globe.  

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