Compuverde Partners with Data Dynamics to Deliver Fast and Agile Storage

Software-defined storage solution, combined with intelligent file management, enables rapid business transformation

Compuverde has announced a partnership with Data Dynamics Inc., a leader in intelligent file management.

Data Dynamics' StorageX solution and Compuverde now provide a modern platform to manage data assets from migration to file tiering to archival. This partnership offers enterprise customers the freedom to choose their future storage and cloud direction, eliminating technology lock-in while supporting business transformation with greater speed and agility.

Businesses rely on data as their primary asset, but the underlying infrastructure used to manage the data is often archaic and proprietary. This makes it extremely challenging for enterprises to adapt quickly to changing business demands.

The partnership of Compuverde's software-defined storage solution and Data Dynamics' StorageX solution supports business transformation in the following ways:

Accelerates adoption of new storage technology - StorageX minimizes file movement complexity, cost and risk with a single file management platform for the simplified movement, transformation and management of all data assets.

Manages file data to quickly power new business requirements - By removing the barriers of proprietary storage types, StorageX allows for faster adoption of new Compuverde software-defined storage. StorageX includes comprehensive management, with automated, policy-driven workflows, all fully tested with Compuverde's scalable solution.

Modernizes to support a changing cloud landscape - Data modernization is furthered in StorageX 8.0 with support for Compuverde object storage, transforming files into native object storage format, while providing direct access to their files. The partnership also provides the ability to support DevOps projects with efficiency - providing application programming interfaces for storage management automation and orchestration.


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