Communicate, Collaborate With Commitment To Make Digital Work

There has to be a larger agenda for digitisation and there should be a collaborative mechanism aligned with that agenda


Photo Credit : Subhabrata Das, Businessworld,

The first Panel Discussion at the CIO Imperatives – The next 12  months organised by BW CIO World was on ‘Is your Digital plan working.’

“Unless  digital initiatives become an integral part of the organisation, it  will not help much,” opined Deepak M Sharma, Chief Digital Officer,  Kotak Mahindra Bank.

“What is the proportion of customers and the  proportion of revenue is very important in digitisation in BFSI  segment,” said Abhay Johorey, Head Digital, Consumer Bank – IDFC.

According  to N Jayantha Prabhu, CIO, Essar Group, for manufacturing segment,  adoption of digitisation is a challenge and unless they change the  mind-set, it will be difficult for the sector to progress.

Adding  to Prabhu’s opinion, Rajnish Khare, Head Digital Transformation, Social  Business and New Media and Mobility Banking – HDFC Bank said, Digital  will be the key driver to keep you relevant in today’s world.

“How  to make the work force more efficient is something happening  now-a-days,” observed Neetika Chhabra, CIO, Gaia Smart Cities Solutions  Pvt. Ltd. “Earlier organisations used to look outside for digitisation  and now they look with in,” she added.

“It is important that we do  a lot of innovations and adopt transformation in today’s world,” said  Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer, Raymond India.

Taking off from  where Talreja left, Sharma underlined the importance of transforming  the entire organisation in line with digitisation. “Otherwise, it will  be difficult to make digitisation work,” he added.

In business, if  there is no challenge, there is no progress. What we need today is a  set of people who can do things differently. “In digital world, what  goes to the customer should be very simple, very secure and very safe,”  emphasised Khare.

Plan do and check while adopting digital in any  organisation advised Johorey as the ideal process to follow. Prabhu  underlined the importance of having process owners and business heads to  achieve digitisation successfully while Khare said, “Measure it, scale  it and do it,” and added the importance of communication, collaboration  and commitment to have digitisation work effectively.

Chhabra felt  looking at what is going to be the outcome, how much finance is going  to be involved, how the organisation is going to benefit as the branding  part is concerned and the technological initiatives involved in the  project are the factors to be considered while going for digitisation.

The  panellists moderated by Talreja felt that there has to be a larger  agenda for digitisation and there should be a collaborative mechanism  aligned with that agenda.


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