introduces Custom Instant Exchange

CoinSwitch Custom Instant exchange is a white label solution which a website can use to set up an exchange on their website. The solution requires no coding knowledge, allowing the exchange to be set up in under 2 minutes.

Photo Credit : Shutterstock, announced the launch of CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange. In its latest offering, is empowering crypto enthusiasts: influencers, bloggers, opinion leaders and others, to transform their website into a niche crypto exchange. In doing so, they will earn 50% of the transaction fees, thus successfully monetizing their crypto and blockchain thought-leadership.

Furthermore, the integration doesn’t come at the cost of the aesthetics of the website and can be best customized to accommodate the logo and colour scheme of the host’s website. Hosts also get to have the final call on the coins that they will allow on their instant exchange.

Commenting on the latest development, Ashish Singhal, Co-Founder & CEO of said, “CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange enables website owners to create a customised exchange on their website. This empowers them to provide their website visitors with an enhanced functionality of exchanging cryptocurrencies right from their website. And by doing so, they will be able to monetise it as well.”

Any website integrating the CoinSwitch Custom Instant Exchange will be able to provide its users or visitors with a robust way to invest in cryptocurrencies, right from its website. This is ensured without any redirects, and hence, the hosts don’t have to compromise on their traffic. Additionally, the hosts will receive a revenue split of 50% per transaction, thus monetizing their digital media influence.

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