CloudReady Index from CAST Highlight Helps CIOs Determine When Cloud Migration is Right Choice

New offering minimises risk with objective analysis of business goals and application portfolios

CAST Highlight, the ultra-rapid code-scanning SaaS platform, now includes a CloudReady Index to help CIOs make smarter decisions about cloud migration initiatives. The announcement was made at Cloud Expo.

“Most CIOs recognise that cloud offers many benefits, but it’s not always clear what applications should be migrated to the cloud or if an application will even run properly once it’s migrated,” said Jeff Fraleigh, Global head for CAST Highlight.

“Our CloudReady Index surfaces objective data that helps CIOs make smart choices about when and how to resolve common migration challenges with minimal business disruption.”

There is no “one size fits all” for cloud migrations today, and organisations’ appetite for risk and ability to manage large-scale change projects varies considerably. The CloudReady Index  de-risks and streamlines application migration in four ways:

* Prioritises applications for migration based on technical requirements and business impact.

* Alerts management teams to potential roadblocks that may cause delays or failures in production.

* Identifies shortcuts to success, based on known technology roadblocks.

* Tracks progress of migration efforts while simultaneously monitoring overall application health.

“Today's leaders are focused on migrating line-of-business applications to public cloud providers to lower operational expenses, more easily enable application refactoring or speed adoption of new services such as real-time business analytics and artificial intelligence,” said Dr. Scott Ottaway, Research director at IDC.

“Whether they are in a ‘lift and shift’ mode or refactoring applications, enterprises can migrate applications more quickly to any cloud provider by utilising CAST Highlight's profiling and recommendation capabilities.”

The CloudReady Index supports digital transformation  goals and enables continuous improvement with fact-based analytics for CIOs to drive modernisation in the smartest way.

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