CleverTap Enables Marketers to Optimize Customer Engagement

An industry-first suite of automated user segmentation tools will empower marketers significantly increase campaign yield and RoI

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CleverTap, the leading mobile marketing platform, announced a powerful suite of Discovery Tools, based on automated user segmentation. These tools enable mobile marketers to quickly unearth customer insights and accelerate ROI on their marketing strategies. CleverTap’s Discovery Tools are already being leveraged by enterprise customers to build long-term customer value and to create impactful customer experiences.

Today’s customers expect brands to respond to their needs immediately. Businesses that are able to predict and respond to their user’s behaviors in a timely manner are the ones that will win. While progressive marketers have been using manual means of segmenting their users into micro-segments, this is a time consuming and expensive effort.

Automated segmentation goes through users' behavior data, running different machine learning algorithms and models on this data and is finally able to present an interesting segment of users to marketers.

This set of advanced tools will instantly identify champion users, loyal customers differentiated from hibernating users and about to churn users. Automatically exposing these user segments allows marketers to focus their creativity on finding the best ways to engage with these segments - run a loyalty program for champion users and possibly run some win back campaigns on users likely to churn to get their interest back. With automated user segments at their fingertips, marketers can optimize their mobile strategies to drive higher conversions while reducing friction points. 

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