China Information Technology to Seize Opportunity of Big Data Analysis

This will contribute to the construction of smart city in Hong Kong

Photo Credit : ACG Silicon Valley,

China Information Technology Development Ltd and its member company, Macro Systems Group, are pleased to announce the establishment of the DataCube Research Centre, aimed at promoting the research, analysis and application of big data, as well as to cultivate more data scientists and data analysts, in order to contribute to the construction of smart city in Hong Kong.

DataCube, covering over 2,000 square feet, adopts the most advanced hardware technology, and with platform integration and management service provided by Macro Systems. The technical team will make use of the conference room and the lecture hall to meet clients, to organize seminars regularly, as well as to provide clients with the most suitable big data solutions.

The Centre will showcase the latest technology and solutions which will set up a demonstration platform for big data applications and talent cultivation of the industry. Meanwhile, DataCube will organize seminars regularly to enhance the public's awareness and interest of big data, as well as going hand in hand with local education institutions to provide internship opportunities for students, so that they can explore extensively the application of big data in various aspects, and the career path of the industry. The centre will help to cultivate more enthusiastic and competent talents for Hong Kong.

Danny Wong Kui Shing, chairman and CEO of the Group, said: "With the development of global digitalization, there will be more and more data. It is essential to learn how to make use of data. DataCube is definitely an excellent platform for our potential clients to master data and its value. It will help our client to convert data into catalyst that fueling business growth."


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