Can Online Education Bridge the Gap Between Academia and Industry?

While most traditional coaching classes and distance education providers only amplify the theories taught in colleges, Edureka provides practical applicability to these theories, says Lovleen Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO, Edureka.

What's the current market size of online Education in India? According to KPMG, the total e-learning industry size in India is $700 million. It has witnessed a growth of 25% in the last five year. Do you have the number on the percentage of working professionals taking up online courses, from platforms like Edureka or your competitor Simplilearn, in India? 80% of all Edureka learners have 3-10 years of work experience, 9% below the age of 22 (freshers) and others who are in high positions at organizations. How are Edureka's approach and courses different than the ones taught in university distant learning courses? Edureka’s claim to fame revolves around the fact that each of its instructors is an industry practitioner, who lives and breathes the same technology that he/she teaches. This helps bridge the gap between academia and the industry. While most traditional coaching classes and distance education providers only amplify the theories taught in colleges, Edureka goes a step further and provides practical applicability to these theories. The industry has job opportunities, but only for those who are able to solve real-life problems. Each Edureka course comes with a live project based on real-life use cases. These projects prepare learners better for their jobs. Edureka also follows a customer-first approach wherein every learner becomes future-proof from the moment he/she enrolls with Edureka. Edureka’s cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) provides lifetime access to course content. Every time technology changes, the learners get updated information, free resources and the option of re-attending sessions at will. Each learner also becomes part of the ever-growing online community of learners, instructors and tech enthusiasts who constantly discuss emerging technologies and developments. What are your most popular courses and who are the takers of the same? We recently launched three new courses in the area of cloud computing and data analytics. These courses – Teradata, Base SAS certification and Openstack have become extremely popular, in addition to courses around Big Data, owing to high career opportunities in the field. Where are you in terms of growth and profitability? Edureka is a bootstrapped company which became profitable in 2013, and since then it has doubled its growth (in revenue and learner base) every six months. Who do you tie up with and how does that help you and your learners? It is Edureka’s constant endeavor to partner with organizations that create the tools and technologies we teach. Recently, we announced a partnership with Talend, a leading data integration service provider, where Edureka became the preferred Education Partner for Talend. The curriculum has been co-created by both parties and provides the best value for learners seeking a career in Big Data and data integration. Needless to say, Edureka’s “Talend for Big Data” course has become a popular choice among its learner community.  


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