Can Cryptocurrency be Used in our Day-to-day Life?

A technology to solve blockchain problems like transaction speed, cost, scalability and cross blockchain transfer

Secugenius, an information security company, listed in 25 fastest Tech Growing Companies in 2017 by Insight Success, is creating a decentralized platform known as “Quick X Protocol” to solve the problems of Blockchain. It claims to make possible thousands of transactions per second at next to zero cost.

According to the research, blockchain technology has limitations such as transaction time, cost, scalability, and inter blockchain transaction capability. Breaking through all these shortcomings, Quick X Protocol will simplify blockchain technology bringing cryptocurrency in day-to-day transactions. It aims to change the status of virtual currencies from a share-like object to real spendable currency that would be appealing to the masses.

In matter of Time and Cost, Bitcoin manages 7 transactions per second and Ethereum can stretch up to 20. The proceeding fee of Bitcoin costs $20- $30, taking a minimum time of 10 minutes to few hours to get transferred from one person to another. Quick X Protocolas, a solution, can process 1000s’ of transactions per second by doing the transaction Off-Chain in a cryptographically secure manner, reducing its transaction cost next to zero and transfer time to milliseconds.

Almost all of the blockchains be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple, have one common limitation in scalability: each node on the blockchain needs to process every transaction. However, this Platform is said to be the most significant technology to fix this issue.

At present, different blockchains have different protocols and there is hardly any way to communicate with each other. For instance, if someone (sender) owns crypto assets in Bitcoin blockchain and he wants to send it to someone else (receiver) on the Ethereum blockchain, the sender first needs to convert his Bitcoin crypto assets into Ethereum crypto assets through an exchange. Then the sender may need to transfer the Ethereum crypto assets to a wallet supporting it. This process is often tedious, time-consuming and costly.

As a solution, Quick X Protocol has an ability to connect all the blockchains and bring it to a single platform. It will eliminate reliance on intermediaries such as crypto exchanges, improve performance and scalability, Bridge public and private blockchains, Improve liquidity for handling transfers and faster processing of transactions.

This technology is based on Lightning and Raiden network and consists of Pooling facilitators that provide liquidity to the Platform in a completely decentralized manner where all the blockchains are connected. A team of 57 global contributors are working with Secugenius on this Protocol. The company has been able to raise funding of $1.2 Million from private investors for this.

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