CPA Global Launches Industry-first Automated Data Verification of IP records

FoundationIP provides peace of mind for IP professionals with automated data verification

CPA Global announced a major release to FoundationIP, its enterprise software platform.

FoundationIP is the industry-leading SaaS IP Management software. With more than 600 customers, including corporations and law firms, FoundationIP supports more than 25,000 active users managing over 4.5 million IP matters.

FoundationIP customers can now verify their records in their IP management system with the integrated public data delivered by CPA Global’s ground-breaking global patent database and matching engine - IP One Data.

In the 2016 proprietary Future of IP Technology survey, 95 percent of users selected “automated validation of IP data against patent office data” as one of their top requirements from IP technology.

"With FoundationIP’s new data verification feature, IP professionals will significantly reduce the amount of time spent analysing portfolios” says Emilie Benschoter, senior docketing specialist at Wagner Blecher LLP. “At a glance, our team will be able to easily identify inaccurate or missing IP information and ensure all global IP records are up to date. As a result, IP teams can deliver accurate real-time reporting to clients without worry that records are incomplete."


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