CA Technologies Is Building Deep Expertise In AI, ML, Blockchain And AR/VR

“CA Technologies has ITC innovation focus across the board; building deep expertise in new areas such as AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, etc.; driving efficiency and value via innovations and close partnership with sales, GSIs and other partners.” said Tarun Vohra, SVP, Technology and Development, CA ITC, on the sidelines of The Modern Software Factory Approach to Digital Transformation.

On the second day of a two day conference on The Modern Software Factory Approach to Digital Transformation in Hyderabad on 9th-10th August 2018, CA technologies held interactive sessions on its proficiency and importance of API Management, Continuous Delivery, Agile Operations and Security in the presence of IT experts across sectors.

Abhijeet Singh, Principal Consultant, API Management, CA Technologies explained how API management can help modernize application architecture “To have a great user experience, agile and modern architecture is important. The user experience leads to increased speed of revenue, better experience, wider reach and more innovation”

Singh spoke about modernizing application architecture’s challenges and solutions. He said the key challenge is that business response to demands for new apps, integrations, business models, and emerging technologies is slow and inefficient. Also, existing IT infrastructure is inadequate for today’s mobile, cloud, and IoT projects. The solution for this according to him is, “With full lifecycle API Management, APIs and microservices can be used to rapidly modernize legacy architectures or create new ones, so you can launch digital initiatives at speed, create new business models, and be an agile enterprise.”

In the Continuous Delivery (CD) session, it was found that CD is now believed to be more about frequent deployment of software. It however, leads to lower levels of stability and reliability. Pratik Singh, Principal Consultant, API Management, CA Technologies said, “Automating development, testing and the release of software is the new way to build better apps with a faster pace.” These capabilities help in allowing high quality software to get developed rapidly and repeatedly with minimal manual input along with reliability.

Kiran Diwakar, Senior Director-Product Management, Agile Operations, CA Technologies, began the session of agile operations with a set of interesting questions. “What if you could predict problems that are yet to occur? What if you could predict issues 2 hours earlier? This time to threshold can be a great deal of help in creating more productivity and lesser stress.” he expressed. To attain this, Diwakar gave the example of AIOps. AI Ops are nothing but AI driven operations. Essentially, because there are so many tools and proliferation of data, one is always seeking insights. AI Ops is a way of leveraging machine learning and big data to drive operational intelligence.

In this digitally transforming era, organizations are rushing to embrace the application economy. But digital relationships are in a crisis of trust. According to an IPOS-MORI study, 74% of surveyed organizations are concerned about sharing data with businesses, 70% have taken steps to reduce exposure online and 56% are unhappy with the way companies use profile data.

Speaking in a session on security, Sumeet Mathur, VP, Software Engineering, Security, CA Technologies, spoke highly about Modern Identification and Access Management, better known as Modern IAM. Sumeet said, “Modern IAM does not only help use behavior analytics to prevent fraud but also in tracking different behaviors with separate data models, base-lining normal resources utilization v/s abnormal, and tracking environment context including device location."


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