Business Booming at VoiceSage with Surge in Bots, AI and Social Media in Customer Interactions

Traction with major brands thanks to VoiceSage’s unrivalled ability to deliver dramatic business metric improvements

Customer engagement services leader VoiceSage is experiencing soaring demand from leading global and national brands, which are exploiting VoiceSage’s agile, cloud-based customer contact platform to deploy next-generation customer service capabilities – at speed.

VoiceSage specialises in proactive customer communications-as-a-service. It made its name transforming customer support and customer transactions with its pay-as-you-go, two-way voice messaging, SMS and Visual Touch Messaging platform, but its agile technology can be adapted and integrated into a whole host of advanced customer communication scenarios, including the latest developments in chatbot, AI and social media.

“The inherent innovation and flexibility in our platform means we’re continuously at the forefront of customer interaction trends, enabling some of the biggest brands in the country – and the world – to exploit new ways of proactively engaging with their customers,” says JJ Kett, VoiceSage’s CEO.

Among VoiceSage’s latest high-profile customer acquisitions are a huge global payments provider, which increased its collections by an immediate 10 percent during an early pilot, thanks to the ability to reach customers quickly and conveniently.

A service supplier to the UK’s leading postal organisation, a major European insurance company, and a large UK council are also recent new business wins.

“But, that is only the tip of the iceberg as our international sales pipeline offers huge potential and we are poised to begin closing impressive corporate clients across the globe” adds VoiceSage’s COO, Paul Cogan, who is heading up this initiative.

In addition to this new business, VoiceSage has seen deepening technology adoption across existing customers. “Once they’ve seen the impact of instant, proactive and automated customer conversations, it’s very common for our clients to want to build on that success through additional customer service innovation,” Kett says.

“Innovation and flexibility are built into our platform,” he explains. “While some new clients are adopting our mobile messaging products at significant scale, often an organisation will start off by incorporating SMS notifications, prompts and reminders into their customer contact activities and, when they see the uplift in customer action, they’re keen to push things to the next level.

“With VoiceSage, they can switch-on new services extremely quickly: often within hours. Gone are the days of having to commission a development company and wait months while they retreat to a dark room. And, because they pay as they go with VoiceSage, they can test out new approaches without risk. This encourages experimentation and stimulates innovation, driving success upon success. The opportunities are endless.”

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