Blockchain Startup iExec Looks to Create An Internet Without Borders

iExec technology decentralizes transmissions in a blockchain



iExec, one of the leading global developers of open-source blockchain-based decentralized cloud computing, has won the prestigious Victoires de l'innovation award in Lyon, France. The award is presented for outstanding new technology innovation. This comes just months after the company closed the fifth largest ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of $12 million (USD) in a record six hours in April, 2017.

According to iExec co-founders, Gilles Fedak and Haiwu He, the company's goal is to expand markets by creating an internet without borders. iExec technology decentralizes transmissions in a blockchain, offering greater accessibility and decentralized applications-based cloud computing. Founded in October 2016, iExec's value proposition is to create a system where anyone in the world can connect with anyone else to employ unused computing power of Internet-connected devices, and according to The Merkle, this could create an entirely new and more accessible internet.

Blockchain is literally a chain of blocks, which digitally transmits and stores computer data in a secure, transparent manner, without a centralized control body, while today the Internet is an interconnected network of private servers. The iExec revolution is to decentralize this process and democratizes usage worldwide, multiplying computing capability.

The origination of the iExec system embodies a new generation of startup, a generation without borders, building an accessible, affordable, mature and innovative new cloud-computing technology. With more than 15 years experience cloud development and related fields, iExec co-founders have significant affinities to seize the opportunity of the blockchain.

Since 2008, the exponential development of crypto-currencies illustrates that the digital revolution is highly dynamic and new technologies, such as those being presented by iExec will significantly enhance how we do business. Blockchain pushes the boundaries of the digital world, allowing new actors to acquire previously inaccessible access.

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