Big Data Can Help Retailers beat Amazon

Linking customer data to business outcomes like revenue and profit uplift this, as is out of reach from many businesses

A very interesting company research report from Russell Wright was done by APP Securities.

Wright has given leading Australian big data and analytics company Invigor a Buy rating, describing the company's market-leading big data analytics technology as an "antidote to Amazon" for traditional retailers.

Gary Cohen from Invigor commented: “We are really a company that designs solutions to empower businesses and brands to make revenue based on the digital, physical and transaction data turned into actionable insights to maximise their opportunities to promote to the right customer, make sure it’s at the right price and then give them the right information and tools to increase profits and revenue.”

Here's the key parts of Russell Wright's research report on Invigor:

Invigor Group (IVO) uses its complementary suite of big data products to source, aggregate, analyse and publish content for the benefit of businesses and consumers.

Today, its interconnected data sets enable enterprise clients including retailers, brands, shopping centres and government bodies to identify and better understand competitors, consumers, markets and demographics while providing the consumer with the best value-for-money.

The creation and consumption of data continues to grow by leaps and bounds and with it the investment in big data analytics hardware, software, and services and in data scientists and their continuing education.

Whist some companies can invest millions to capture customer data, linking it to business outcomes like revenue and profit uplift this, as is out of reach from many businesses.

Even assuming one has the resources at hand to collect a tremendous amount of data, actioning a data-driven customer strategy in an efficient way without sizable investment in human or other capital may be unattainable. In short, many companies either do not collect the data they need or extract too little visible value from the amount of data they collect.

This is where Invigor Group (IVO) comes in. IVO has data insights and loyalty solutions for the retail sector which not only help grow revenue and increase margins, but provide a more profitable approach to today’s commerce.

IVO consider themselves as the antidote to Amazon. The pill you need to level the playing field and either help one to work more effectively with Amazon-like companies or to compete with them over the long-term.

Invigor Group is a leading information technology and digital solutions company. It specialises in innovative business intelligence, big data solutions which are supported by strategic consulting, development and marketing services.

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