Benu Networks issued fourth key patent for virtual service edge platform

Advances 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) to provide seamless connectivity for subscribers

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Benu Networks, a leading provider of innovative virtual network solutions that enable service providers to rapidly create and deliver next generation IP services, announced the issuance by the United States Patent Office of a patent that covers virtualized network cloud functionality. 

Patent number 9,503,94 B2 highlights just some of the innovative advancements in Benu Networks’ Virtual Service Edge (VSE), a software platform that enables the rapid creation and delivery of next-generation IP services over a converged infrastructure. 

This new patent confirms Benu Networks’ leadership in developing essential technology for next generation IP services in the 5G/Internet of Things (IoT) era. The patent supports Benu Networks’ vision of empowering service providers with the ability to deploy cost effective, cloud-based, virtualized services for billions of IoT devices. 

This technology enables seamless connectivity for business, residential and mobile access over any licensed or unlicensed spectrum, and ensures a consistent subscriber experience regardless of access type.

This patent solves the challenge that many subscribers encounter - a fragmented service experience according to how devices connect to a service provider’s network, whether via fixed (e.g. cable, xDSL, fiber), un-licensed (e.g. Wi-Fi) or licensed wireless access (e.g. LTE, LTE-A). 

This type of fragmented connectivity leads to service deployment complexity for the service provider, and a poor, inconsistent end user experience that often results in user dissatisfaction and customer churn. The technology claims approved in this patent provide a novel and innovative virtualized network approach to enable users with: 

Single Sign-on (SSO) Capability: A seamless, connected and uncluttered connectivity experience by creating a single unified subscriber context for multiple access technologies.

Multi-Access Across Wi-Fi and Cellular: A single point of IP service attachment to provide an integrated IoT environment across multiple access technologies.

Carrier Aggregation Across Wi-Fi and Cellular: A faster connection rate and better connection resiliency.

In the new era of 5G and the growing number of IoT devices, end users need reliable network access regardless of the connection type. Utilizing Benu Networks’ VSE platform, service providers can offer their subscribers an optimal user experience while reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX costs. 

Multiple system operators (MSOs) and fixed broadband operators can combine their vast Wi-Fi assets as part of their MVNO strategy, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, subscriber growth and customer retention.

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