Automation Anywhere Debuts RPA Industry’s First Bot Store to Accelerate Business Automation

The Bot Store ushers in a new economy of digital workers, with ready-to-use bots from Automation Anywhere and its partner ecosystem

Automation Anywhere, the largest enterprise software provider in robotic process automation (RPA), has launched Bot Store, the world’s first online marketplace for off-the-shelf, plug-n-play software bots that accelerate business process automation.

Businesses today are increasingly augmenting their human workforce with a digital workforce – armies of software robots (or bots) that automate repetitive, high-volume tasks and operate at speeds unmatched by human workers. A digital workforce significantly increases productivity and introduces remarkable efficiencies that impact both top and bottom-line business growth.

“Globally, enterprises are rapidly automating repeatable processes, to reduce costs and to drive superior performance and operational velocity. In that context, RPA is becoming a key tool in their armory,” said Philip Carnelley, Research director at IDC.

“The Automation Anywhere Bot Store ushers in an innovative new approach for robotic process automation, enabling organizations to deploy and mobilize bots in a fraction of the time it takes to build them from the ground up.”

The Automation Anywhere Bot Store has prebuilt bots from Automation Anywhere and will feature bots from strategic partners EY, Genpact and others. It introduces a deployment model that dramatically shortens the time to value for business process automation initiatives.


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