Automation, Advanced Analytics, And BI Helps Route Mobile Identify Potential Issues Before They Arise

In conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur from BW CIOWORLD, Rajdipkumar Gupta, MD and Group CEO at Route Mobile Limited, speaks about the role of new age technologies in the company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

Rajdipkumar Gupta, MD and Group CEO, Route Mobile Limited

BW CIOWORLD: How are you embracing emerging technologies?

Given the disruptive capabilities of emerging technologies in our industry, our R&D team is constantly working to ensure that our products and services are not only futureproofed, but benefit from the rapid chances and enhancements that these bring along with them.  Route Mobile is part of Google’s Early Access Program (EAP) for RCS business messaging and will soon be able to provide its enterprise customers in Banking, Travel, Retail, Customer Support, and Telco with a more enhanced version of messaging. Our focus is on providing an enriched messaging service, what we internally call Messaging 2.0, to all our clients in a comprehensive Omni-channel platform.

BW CIOWORLD: What is the role of AI and chatbot in the solutions provided by Route Mobile?

Route Mobile’s Research & Development (R&D) team is actively working on implementing and augmenting our existing solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI).   Chatbot, as one of the most prolific forms of AI, is implemented in several communication mediums utilized by Route Mobile internally, as well as our enterprise customers. These chatbots can serve as simple flow bots that respond based on a predetermined set of answers, or as sophisticated conversational bots powered by AI, machine learning, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technologies that simulate human interaction.   

BW CIOWORLD: How do you make use of advanced analytics in your solutions?

With over 2 billion messages flowing through our systems, protecting that data to ensure its confidentiality and integrity is paramount. All our customers’ personally identifiable information is encrypted and access is locked to a handful of highly trained staff in compliance with Data Protection regulations. Using our other internal data relating to message transmission metrics, we use advanced analytics and Business Intelligence tools in several ways like:

  • Keeping an eye on delivery ratios to ensure the most optimal route is being used at any given point in time,
  • Raising alerts when there are any delivery related issues or transmission failures for our clients, 
  • Using predictive models to optimize our routes and traffic load across multiple telecom operators
  • Identifying cyclical patterns in our overall volume  

With such actionable intelligence, we maintain a competitive advantage in overall customer satisfaction.  

BW CIOWORLD: How can organizations safeguard their customer database?

Protecting the integrity of data is paramount in today’s environment and there are several technical and organization measures a company can employ to ensure compliance. For example, encryption software, secure internet lines, virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls etc. are all readily available for this purpose. However, most often, businesses use third party applications for customer service, engagement, sales, and marketing. In such cases, data is exchanged with other parties. Consider the messaging industry; to send any message, contact details of your customer are entered thereby exposing the mobile number to a third party. To circumvent this risk, Route Mobile offers an onsite application called Route Connector. The robust solution can be easily integrated with any IT systems, enabling companies to automate the entire messaging process while maintaining total control over the internal database and information. 

BW CIOWORLD: How are you adding security measures in your solutions?

Route Mobile has its own infrastructure in five data centers spread globally to ensure data protection compliance in each region. We process all the data generated by our products from India through our Indian data centers or the client premise itself. We safeguard clients’ data by restricting access, encryption, technical and organizational controls to ensure data privacy. Additionally, we go through routine audits to test our systems and safeguard data and protect privacy. 

BW CIOWORLD: You have a comprehensive portfolio of customized solutions. Why does personalization matter and how does it affect customer expectations?

Enterprise customers use multiple business systems across distinct functions. Deploying a messaging platform that can communicate with each of these existing business systems (CRM, accounting/HR/ERP applications) can be a time and resource intensive process for any organization. This is where our customized solutions backed by our experienced Technical Development team facilitates hassle-free deployment. We have enterprise clients with various business units, each of which utilizes a mix of varied software and hardware systems. Our team customizes API’s to fit all of these different systems and provide a unified messaging platform with no additional human or capital investment by the client.

BW CIOWORLD: Have you come across demands from your customers which remain the same even in different industries?

All the time! One of the most common problem statements we hear from our clients is the fact that they have existing business applications that they cannot make changes to and that they need a platform to integrate with each of these. This is where our customization expertise comes into play. Additional least common denominators include data security, rapid global delivery, actionable reports, and cost optimization.

BW CIOWORLD: What measures have you taken to maximize results and eliminate unnecessary costs?

Automation, technical systematic controls, advanced analytics, and Business Intelligence systems, all help us streamline our processes and identify any potential issues before they arise and disrupt our business. As the scale of our operations spread across the globe, this strong foundation enables us to scale rapidly. 


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