Augmented Reality, Automation to be the Next Big Ideas: Ashok Soota

A doyen of the Indian IT industry, Ashok Soota has donned several hats in the more than three decades that he has spent in the technology sector. He is currently the Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies, a company that he has setup. In a freewheeling interaction with Yashvendra Singh, Soota discusses the success of his startup and the next big disruptions in the enterprise and consumer segments.

  You claim that Happiest Minds is different from others because it focuses on disruptive technologies such as SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). But all major IT vendors are also focusing on them. Indian IT companies born in the last decade are mostly in every segment of the IT Services space from mainframes to package implementation. It is, therefore, not correct to say that everybody focuses on disruptive technologies as they are everywhere. Newer companies born in the last decade have tended to be mobility-only or analytics-only niche companies. To my knowledge, Happiest Minds is the only next-gen company which focuses only on integrating all the new disruptive technologies into digital transformation solutions. The $50 mn revenue rate, 100-plus customers base and team size of 1450 are all record levels for an Indian IT Services company in first three years from commencement of operations. What have you done different that others have not? Are you on track to be the fastest to reach $100m? The investments we have made are unparalleled for a startup in the India IT services space.


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