Atom Analytics Tackles Biggest Customer Data Challenges Facing Financial SPs

Enhanced customer engagement through an integrated cross-functional approach to segmentation

Atom Analytics is the new joint venture between industry veterans Matt Schiffman and Tim Kresl, aimed at helping financial services providers distribute their products more effectively and efficiently via better use of their existing data. The Atom Analytics team is providing a novel approach to customer segmentation by bringing together their in-house data science resources with decades of experience in strategic marketing, distribution strategy, and business intelligence.

The financial services industry stands at a crossroads, with existing distribution models facing stiff headwinds. Unprecedented asset churn, changing advisor dynamics, increased home office control, and continuous fee pressure are forcing financial services providers to redefine how they distribute products. While customer data availability has expanded considerably, few firms are using this data effectively as they are being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information. Atom Analytics believes they have a solution to this issue.

“The technology and pharmaceutical industries are perfect examples of how sophisticated customer data analytics can dramatically improve business outcomes,” said Matt Schiffman, Founding partner. “With higher levels of relationship turnover, assets rolling off the books, and fee pressure leading to shrinking margins; financial services providers need to distribute their products more effectively and efficiently. We believe that an integrated cross-functional approach to segmentation strategy and data analytics is a key component of the new distribution landscape.”

The Atom Analytics approach starts with an analytical framework deeply rooted in individual business strategy. To that end, the team conducts in-depth interviews of client sales, marketing, and business intelligence teams to fully understand the existing data and distribution landscape.

Tim Kresl, Founding partner, said: “I believe that any firm, regardless of the industry, looking to change their current distribution approach needs to involve key stakeholders in every step of the process. Without buy-in from the users, it’s highly unlikely that any lasting change will take hold.”

Using advanced analytical techniques guided by stakeholder feedback, the Atom Analytics team aims to reinvent segmentation strategy and customer journey mapping in the financial services industry. Given the overwhelming amount of customer data now in the market, Atom Analytics believes that a co-ordinated data and segmentation strategy is key to taking full advantage of this information.

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