Armour Comms Demos Most Comprehensive Secure Communications Solution with Preview of Armour Desktop

Enterprise organisations now able to protect mobile communications of all kinds held on consumer and desktop devices from eavesdroppers with Armour Mobile

Armour Communications, a leading provider of specialist, secure communications solutions will be showing its most comprehensive range of solutions for Enterprises to date at InfoSec Europe, including a technology preview of Armour Desktop.

Its flagship solution Armour Mobile provides all the functionality seen in consumer-grade (free) apps, but with considerably enhanced security.

Armour Mobile prevents mobile communications whether voice, text, video or conference from being intercepted by devices such as IMSI catchers, or hacks using the SS7 protocol and others. It enables secure collaboration between trusted colleagues when discussing commercially sensitive information such as corporate intellectual property, financial transactions, and customer details.

Armour Mobile provides secure voice calls, video calls, one-to-one and group messaging, voice and video conference calls, file attachments and sent/received/read message status. In addition, Armour Mobile was the first secure communications app to provide integration with Skype for Business.

New at InfoSec is Armour Desktop. Scheduled for general release by the end of June, Armour Desktop extends the secure mobile communications functionality of Armour Mobile and delivers it to the Enterprise via a Windows 10 softphone. This enables users both inside and external to the organisation to communicate transparently within a secure and private environment, while taking advantage of the reduce costs and increased flexibility provided by Voice over IP corporate communications.

Armour Mobile is available for download from the iOS and Android apps stores, and is also available for Armour Samsung Mobile, which provides an extra layer of hardware security using Samsung Knox. Details of how to download Armour Desktop will made available on release.

David Holman, a director at Armour Communications commented: “Armour Mobile is ideal for any Enterprise that has sensitive mobile communications that it needs to protect. For years organisations have been talking about protecting the end point – the mobile phone is the ultimate end point. Whether staff are using company issued devices or their own (BYOD), Armour Mobile is easily deployed and centrally managed, enabling Enterprises to protect their sensitive communications from eavesdroppers without the requirement for a special phone.”

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