Argo launches Crypto-mining Service for Mainstream Consumers

Launch is timed with a flotation on the London Stock Exchange to raise new money for growth

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Argo, a UK-Canadian venture, is set to transform crypto-mining with the launch today of a new low-cost, flexible and easy-to-use service for users.

The service is aimed at addressing pent-up demand from users who want to benefit from mining digital currencies but have been put off by its complexity and significant up-front cost.

The company’s solution is mining-as-a-service (MaaS), which enables users to commence crypto-mining without the need to have significant computing expertise or acquire complex and expensive hardware and have the frustration of setting up their own systems.  Users can start mining for digital currencies within minutes of accessing Argo’s website on a mobile phone or computer.

The launch comes as the company separately announced plans for a flotation on the London Stock Exchange to raise substantial new money to drive its expansion.

Using state-of-the-art computing hardware and mining software, the Argo platform also saves time and vastly improves the user experience.

Argo’s system was developed by a team of experienced technology experts including its co-founders Jonathan Bixby and Mike Edwards. 

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