Apple approaches AI for its upcoming autonomous car project

Autonomous technology software helps in building a self-driven car

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Apple is a multinational technology company that has a background in drafting, designing, and creating electronics, computer softwares, and other services. Apple has lately been using its limits to provide its customers with something new and exciting. The company is expanding itself. It has been linking various fields together with the latest concept of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and automation. It has also expanded itself in developing an electric self-driven car. The concept of self-driven car was started back in 2014. 

Apple’s journey over the years has been a roller-coaster ride. They are upgrading themselves and approaching a new way of dealing with today’s technology. The concept of self-driven cars was secret as the company was tight-lipped about it. The project was called ‘Project Titan’. This project was started five years ago involving 1000 people in the operations but by 2018 it swelled to 5000 people. 

In 2014, the project was rumored to be approved by the Apple CEO Tim Crook with Vice President Steve Zadesky and hired Johann Jungwirth???. In early 2015, more people were hired yet, but there lack a, the car seemed more of a minivan than a car, reported by The Wall Street Journal. Later they started to build a design that looks more of a car than a minivan. There were many changes made to meet the expectations of the self-driven Apple car. Then in 2016, Tesla motors CEO Elon Musk stated Apple has been making of a compelling new electric car. Bob Mansfield, was convinced by the apple to be re-hired to take over the project. It was given hat the company will put emphasis on making software fro autonomous vehicles. In 2017, a word spread all cross that Apple has been granted a permission from California DMV to test self-driven vehicles on the public roads of Cali. Apple has been testing its autonomous driving software on the streets of Cupertino in Lexus SUVs 2017. In 2018, it was reported that apple has 66 road-registered driverless cars. There were car crashes involved during the drive sessions but fortunately there were no reported injuries. In January 2019, it was reported that Apple has dismissed approximately 200 people form the project. The software programme is thus being tested so that no major issued are faced in future. It is looking to acquire a new autonomous vehicle startup,

Apple’s has been focusing heavily on the “underlying technology “ rather than creating a new automobile. The manufacturing of that care form itself is called as ‘The next star product’. Apple car can be launched between 2023 and 2025.    Apple has included LiDAR, a laser light to measure the distance from the objects from the car, a sensor that gives drivers a 3D view of the road. Apple wants the sensor to be smaller, inexpensive. The car has included some of the major features like Face ID in iPhones for the front lights with the use of Machine Learning. Thus it is called ‘The revolutionary design’


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