After Spectrum Splurge, No Capex for new Tech: Rajeev Batra, CIO, MTS

The Indian telecom industry is going through one of its most challenging phases. In an interaction with Yashvendra Singh, Rajeev Batra, CIO, MTS India, shares how he is leveraging IT to mitigate some of the challenges.

The telecom industry is witnessing a growth in revenues but margins are under pressure. As a CIO, how are you leveraging technology to address this challenge? Most of the operators are today increasingly looking at analytics and data mining. As a service provider, we also look at churn analysis, usage analysis, and on-the-fly marketing campaigns. The focus is to ensure customer stickiness, increase revenues from existing customers, and attract new subscribers. We are continuously striving to provide cutting edge technology and enhanced service assurance to our customers. MTS has a big data platform that we leverage on a daily basis to know which customers are coming into the churn bucket. We then proactively target them with plans and campaigns for retention purposes. Sentiment mapping on the internet is gaining eminence. Are you also looking at it? If yes, how do you compare with competition? Yes, we also make use of social CRM. Our web-crawling technologies gathering sentiments from the net. In this area, we are probably one of the best operators. Comparatively, MTS gets more positive sentiments from customers. The percentage of positive sentiment for us is 12%, while for others it is 7%.


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